4 Common Garden Watering Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Gardening is both rewarding and relaxing, which is one possible reason that during the pandemic, 55% of US adults spent more time gardening and caring for their lawns.

However, many first-time gardeners struggle with overwatering and underwatering, resulting in issues like root rot. You can avoid this by learning about these common garden watering mistakes.

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  1. Overhead Watering

Perhaps one of the most common garden watering mistakes is watering overhead. Water on the leaves can attract pests and encourage bacteria, plus some plants aren’t used to wet conditions. Shower watering doesn’t let the majority of water enter the soil.

Plants absorb water through their roots, so make sure you’re watering the soil and avoiding the stems, leaves, and flowers. Soaker hoses and drip irrigation systems are good for this.

For houseplants, you might want to use a watering can with a long spout or watering the plant roots from the bottom.

  1. Inconsistent Watering

Stick to a watering routine for the best results, but don’t treat each plant the same. The best time to water depends on the plant type, as some prefer dry conditions and others need more water.

Research each type of plant you have and take note of the best lighting and watering conditions. If you want your plants to thrive, you need to remain consistent when you water.

  1. Giving All Plants the Same Amount of Water

As we mentioned above, some plants do better in drier conditions, and overwatering can harm or kill the plant. For instance, lavender and rosemary are both fairly picky when it comes to soil conditions, and it’s easy to overwater them.

Take some time to learn about each plant and regularly check the soil conditions rather than watering them at the same time every day. Don’t give all plants the same amount of water either. Some plants are picky, while others can withstand almost anything.

If you often forget to water, you can use plant watering spikes to deliver water when your plant needs it directly to the soil.

  1. Not Giving Plants Enough Drainage

Using the right pot and soil is just as important as properly watering your plants. Some plants thrive in sandy or well-draining soil. This allows water to drain without puddling.

Roots can rot from sitting in water for too long, which is why the right soil and having enough drainage is key to keeping your plants alive. Choose pots with drainage holes rather than decorative pots that let the water sit at the bottom.

Avoid These Garden Watering Mistakes

You can keep your plants alive if you start by avoiding these common garden watering mistakes. Be careful not to overwater, and make sure you water each plant according to its needs.

The more you know about your plants, the better you can care for them. Take a look at some of the other sections on our website for more informative articles like this one.

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