4 Essential Snowboard Boots Buying Guide For Beginners

4 Essential Snowboard Boots Buying Guide For Beginners

For beginner snowboarders, purchasing the snowboard boots can be the first step in assembling the board-boots-binding gear. They need to find boots that fit perfectly on their feet before deciding to purchase other snowboarding apparel. Burton, makers of a popular snowboarding line of products, believe that it is important to invest in gear that centres on performance while providing warmth and complete comfort for the wearer.

Professional snowboarders suggest splurging more on boots instead of the board to provide the best fit. But if you will buy a pair of snowboard boots for the first time, here are several tips that you must always keep in mind.

Tip #1: Find Boots That Fit

Experts believe that snowboard boots must suit the feet snugly, but not to the extent that they may cause pain when worn for a long time. Usually, snowboarding boots can reach their true form and size after riding on them for several days. It means that the boots may feel a little tight during the first time that you take them out for an adventure.

The boots with the best fit usually make your toes graze the toe cap slightly. It should also allow you to wiggle your toes comfortably when worn. You must also feel your heel remaining in place if you drive your knee forward. You also need to fit in the boots properly when wearing your socks.

Tip #2: Know The Right Size

Most of the time, snowboard boots are measured using US number sizing. Brands like Burton use it for their products. But the actual size of the boots may vary according to the model and the manufacturer.

You need to learn how to measure your shoe size properly to avoid discomfort. You can do it by tracing your naked feet on a piece of paper and measure them using a ruler.

Tip #3: Determine The Right Flex Rating For Your Feet

All snowboard boots come with various flex ratings. It usually ranges from soft to stiff. The boot flex is usually based on the user’s preference. But experts suggest that beginners must go for boots that come with a softer flex.

The more advanced snowboard riders and those who want to venture into free riding can invest in boots with a stiffer flex. Manufacturers usually have varying flex ratings, which means some brands may be different from others. But most of the time, the flex rates begin with one as the softest and ten as the stiffest.

Tip #4: Choose Your Preferred Lacing System

There are several types of lacing systems used for snowboard boots. The most common is the traditional lacing system, which is often preferred by typical snowboard riders. Traditional laces are easier to use since they are customisable. However, it may loosen from time to time as you move around.

Those who want to wear their boots faster may opt to get the quick-pulling lace options. It does not require you to tie any laces since it will tighten around the forefoot and the lower leg using a zonal lacing system. For faster and more convenient lacing, you may invest in boots that use the Boa Lacing system, where you can lock in the footwear even if you use a gloved hand.

Aside from these tips, it is also important to remember that buying ill-fitted boots can do more harm than good. It may cause you to trip and feel uncomfortable all day. You also need to keep in mind that aesthetics over function may affect your performance while snowboarding, but you can easily find great looking snowboarding boots online and in stores today.

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