4 Nomos Glashutte Men’s Watches Worth Considering

When it comes to men’s watches, Nomos Glashutte may not get the same attention as other, larger luxury brands. But this brand, established by Roland Schwertner two months after the Berlin Wall fell, has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of mechanical timepieces in Germany. While the brand produces watches for both men and women, many of its best-selling watches were men’s watches. After all, Nomos Glashutte produces simple, yet timeless and no-nonsense watches with precise movements that men will surely love. 

Because the company is one of the biggest manufacturers of watches in Germany in terms of volume, there are several watch models that this brand could offer, such as the Orion and the Ludwig. Even these watch models offer several variations that would surely catch your attention. But there are five Nomos watches for men that you should consider looking at. 

  • Tangente

One of the most famous and best-selling Nomos watches for men is the Nomos Tangente, which is a watch in itself and a watch model line available in several versions such as the Tangente Neomatik and the Tangente 38. The Tangente features everything that the Nomos brand represents: Simplicity with elegance. The Nomos Tangente family is also one of the first watch model lines that Nomos Glashutte introduced to the public, as these watches have been in production for over 25 years and they show no signs of stopping due to its popularity. The Tangente family, as mentioned earlier, comes in different sizes and designs that would suit men of different tastes. But the one thing that unites all variations of the Tangente model line is its simple and timeless design. 

This is because while this watch family was introduced in the 1990s, all Tangente watches feature minimalistic dials and slim watch cases that remind people of the timepieces in the 1920s. All Tangente watches also highlight tempered watch hands with varying colors depending on the version as well as five numerals written on the watch’s dial in Bauhaus-style font. It is a refined dress watch and perfect for men who like things that are simple yet classy. 

  •  Metro Date Power Reserve

Another popular watch from the brand that men would surely appreciate is the Metro Date Power Reserve, also called Metro Datum Gangreserve in German. While Berlin-based industrial designer Mark Braun conceptualized the design of the watch, it still shows everything Glashutte: simple and no-nonsense. But while its look is undeniably Nomos Glashutte, it is one of the brand’s most popular models. The Metro Date Power Reserve operates with the brand’s in-house DUW 4401 manual movement, is water-resistant for up to 30 meters, and its watch case has a diameter of 37 mm. But the watch’s power reserve, as well as its in-house Swing System escapement, are the main features of this timepiece. 

The watch’s power reserve indicator, which shows mint and red colors, does not only let the user of the wristwatch know when to re-wind their watches, but it is also a design feature of the watch as said by none other than Nomos Glashutte itself. The watch’s swing system escapement, which can be seen on the watch’s sapphire crystal glass back, is a product of the brand’s independence from relying on Nivarox hairsprings as well as Nomos’ 12 million Euro investment for the mechanisms of its watches. More than a unique watch, the Metro Date Power Reserve is a testament to the milestones that this small watch company from Germany has reached. 

  • Club Campus Neomatik

As many watch nerds might have known, Nomos Glashutte is famous for making simple, minimalistic, Bauhaus-inspired watches that both men and women could pair with their dresses. But the brand has also created a casual, sporty wristwatch that still has that Nomos Glashutte look. Featuring an in-house movement that is unique from even other Nomos watches, the Club Campus Neomatik is water-resistant for up to 200 meters. This is higher than most Nomos watches, and it is meant to be a different Nomos watch. This watch breaks the classy dress watchmaking tradition that Nomos has been known for in the past 30 years, and the Club Campus Neomatik presents itself as a watch that you could wear in more active and casual situations, such as playing sports or swimming at the beach. 

The case back of the Club Campus Neomatik is solid and sturdy to ensure that the watch would remain water-resistant, while its bold watch hands and indices featuring a combination of Arabic and Roman numerals reinforces the watch’s casual and sporty look. The Club Campus Neomatik’s watch case also has a diameter of 39 mm, making it a perfect watch for men who love to be in adventurous and active situations. 

  • Minimatik

Last but not the list of the most beloved men’s watches by the brand is the Minimatik. The Minimatik, like the Tangente, is a watch family available in three colors, namely the Minimatik, the Minimatik champagne, and the Minimatik midnight blue. Because of its availability in three different colors (white, champagne, midnight blue) as well as its 35.5 watch case diameter, the Minimatik is a watch that men, as well as women, will surely love. But regardless of the Minimatik’s watch dial color and the watch case size, this watch retains many of the traditional design features that the company has been known for, but it still stands out from the rest of Nomos watches. Aside from its innovative DUW 3001 caliber that ensures precision when telling the time, the Minimatik also has a fine leather strap that you could wear in any situation, whether going to an event or just going to the office. With such versatility, there’s no doubt that the Minimatik remains a popular Nomos watch for people of all genders. 


There are many other Nomos Glashutte watches that men could appreciate, such as the Ludwig for the classy and old-fashioned and the Orion for those who prefer to keep things clean and minimalistic. Nomos Glashutte’s website also features a webpage showing their watches made for men as well as another webpage featuring their best-sellers, which includes the watches mentioned on this list. But whichever Nomos watch you purchase, you can expect to get simplicity, sleekness, and elegance when you get a watch from the brand, regardless of your gender or your style. But more than cleanliness and exquisiteness, Nomos Glashutte watches are a hallmark of German watchmaking, which has survived periods of turmoil and disaster. 

Written by Crystal Rae

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