4 of the most important lifting gear items that you absolutely NEED to be successful

he most important lifting gear items

Advancement in technology has made it easy to get lifting equipment for moving load. You can use lifting gear to lower and lift heavy loads without needing too many people for the job. You need to ensure you have the following lifting gear items if you need to succeed at the job. Also, you can prefer Crane Hire which helps to manage your construction work.

Lifting shackles

Lifting shackles are used for rigging and securing load. They are connecting links between the load you are lifting and the load lifting device, such as a hoist hook. There are a variety of styles, sizes, and fabrications for lifting shackles that are uniquely used for different application areas.

When securing a load using lifting shackles, you must put the bow of the shackle into the active or running side of the choke. If you are using D-shaped shackles, ensure you only use them for inline applied tension because they should not be sideloaded. The shackle must coincide with the load.

Using the sling shackles in the right way will ensure a strong connection is formed for safe and comfortable weight lifting.

Lifting slings

Lifting slings are used together with cranes or lifts to help lift and balance the load. Cables, rope, chains, and webbing are among the different types of lifting slings for lifting load. There are specifications for lifting slings that allow you to use them in different capacities. The specifications include the workload limit, slinging mode, and string length.

It is important to have operator training before using lifting slings. You should also have regular sling inspections to ensure the slings are not worn out or corroded. Replacing damaged slings in time will help avoid accidents.

Lifting clamps

There are many kinds of lifting clamps used to handle different materials. Lifting clamps are designed for pulling equipment, holding items in place, tensioning loads, and lifting applications. This lifting gear is majorly used to handle different types of steel. You can use clamps for loading vehicles onto trailers, loading heavy products into containers, and transporting bulky equipment to construction sites.

Lifting clamps are beneficial in positioning and hoisting equipment and can help you transfer things vertically or horizontally. This makes it mostly sought out for lifting gear.

Lifting eye nuts and eyebolts

They are both commonly referred to as lifting eyes. lifting eye nuts and eye bolts are vastly used in industrial plants. They are designed to facilitate the movement of different equipment. Among the equipment they are used on are compressors, cabinets, dies, heat exchangers, molds, and motors.

It is crucial to ensure the correct size of lifting eyes is used to avoid personal injury, fatality, or loss of property. If you wish to reuse lifting eyes, you should do it with great caution. Ensure you inspect them rigorously before use to help identify those that are elongated, bent, worn out, cracked, or corroded so that you can replace them.

In conclusion, the lifting gear items explained above have different roles that are important when lifting equipment and products. You should get them to help you successfully achieve your goals.

Written by Enaa Mari

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