4 Reasons why Curriculum Evaluation is Required

4 Reasons why Curriculum Evaluation is Required

Changing Face of Education Sector

In the past few years the education sector has changed rapidly following the implementation of online teaching technologies as well as the increasing importance of digital markets associated with the same. The start of the covid-19 pandemic made it mandatory for most educational institutions to make use of the online teaching method to ensure that the education attainment of students across the world is not hampered.

Despite the initial reluctance, today the online education industry is considered to be one of the most profitable Industries across the world with millions of students making use of this platform to gain education and knowledge.

At the same time it is also important to highlight that there have been several changes observed across the world in the past two decades in terms of history, geography, economics, Political Science and several other such subjects. It is therefore important for educational Institutes to conduct a curriculum evaluation to ensure that the changes that have been made in the past two to three decades are not lost.

Reasons why Curriculum Evaluation Helps

  1. Better Outcomes: It is important to understand that the world is constantly changing with new ones being added to it every day. It is because of this reason that a curriculum evaluation shows that the students of today are taught about information and events that are relevant and will provide them with better benefits in the future. The curriculum evaluation also helps in outlining what information can help in bringing about better understanding in the students and pushes them towards critical thinking and logical reasoning. In this way it becomes possible to increase the performance of the students in the classroom and make them more attentive towards their studies.
  2. Decision regarding program importance: In the case of the Indian educational sector, the students are required to study a variety of subjects so that it becomes possible for them to not only be knowledgeable but also be provided with sufficient information that can help them in the future. However, often it has been found that some courses are draining the students and reducing their capability to manage studies altogether. A curriculum evaluation in this situation helps in outlining what courses can be beneficial to the students’ growth and what courses are draining them. In this way, the less useful courses are removed thereby reducing the burden of the students.
  3. Future Development: The major objective of the education sector is not just to increase the knowledge content of the students but also make them employable in the future. Through the use of curriculum evaluation it becomes possible to ascertain what courses can provide the students with better opportunities in the future and increase their employability prospects. This can be anything from adding a new chapter or removing a particular subject completely. This thereby provides better chances to the student for future development.
  4. Need for Revision: Curriculum evaluation also plays an important role in outlining whether a particular course needs revision or whether it should be ended after a particular point of time. In this way it becomes easier to remove repetition and help the students not to feel bored by the content.

Technologies that can support this activity

Considering the case of the Indian educational sector it can be stated that most Indian birds has taken into consideration the changing environment around us and there have been several changes in the curriculum of the students. Most of these changes have been implemented by online course selling platform so that the students are provided with correct information.

It is the responsibility of every educational institute that sell courses on online platform to ensure that students are not misled and they are taught only from the curriculum that has been outlined by the educational boards in the country.

It has also been found that because of the curriculum evaluation that was undertaken by the educational boards in India most students have been able to manage the current syllabus without being under too much pressure.  This has also been reflected on their better performances in the classroom there by showcasing the positives of this activity.

It can be concluded that curriculum evaluation has a lot of positives not just for the education being provided but also for the benefit of the students.

Written by Enaa Mari

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