4 Ways to Avoid Pet Injuries

We love our pets and their playful energy that sometimes can cause them to injure themselves. It is quite a gut-wrenching feeling when your furry friend ends up with a wound or even a potentially serious health issue. As pet parents, we are the ones responsible to take proper care of them so that they’re protected from unfortunate accidents and help them live a care-free life.  

Regular checkups are one of the best ways to stay on top of your pooch’s or kitten’s health while thorough vet examinations will point out any injuries they may have endured. In such cases, it is a smart move to rely on a proper pet insurance policy plan to provide your pet with the best care possible that will guarantee their safety. 

Since there are countless different insurance plans available, using a reliable tool such as Pawlicy Advisor’s pet insurance marketplace comparison charts will provide pet owners with assistance in their efforts of finding optimal insurance coverage for their pet.

Now that you’re aware of your responsibilities, it might also be good for you to do everything in your power to avoid any unpleasant mishaps and pet injuries from happening. Continue to read below to see some of the best ways to avoid your favorite creature being injured.

Animal Fights and Bites

Something that pet owners are most worried about is when their pet gets into an altercation with another animal. Animals are territorial by nature and whenever another animal struts on their turf, one must prepare for trouble. This often results in animal bites, bleeding wounds, and bruises which stand high on the list when it comes to pet injuries. In addition, our pets can also be bitten by a fox, a snake, or even aggressive possums.

These types of incidents can have a major impact on your pet’s overall wellbeing and can cause serious neurological damages. A bite or scratch by an infected animal can transmit bacteria which can lead to severe health issues if not treated on time. Therefore, such accidents must be avoided at all costs by being mindful of other animals, keeping them on a leash, especially if you’re walking in areas with many unfamiliar dogs.


Our four-legged friends are often poisoned by substances and foods that are completely harmless to us humans. Chocolate, raisins, onions, and certain flowers can sometimes be fatal to cats and dogs. This can lead to urgent emergency room visits as certain poisonings aren’t noticed until after several hours, sometimes even longer.

If a long time has passed since the poisoning, the dog or cat is treated based on symptoms and the organs that have been damaged, usually with a drip, sometimes medicine. Some animals receive antidotes to counteract and neutralize the effects of another drug or poison they’ve ingested.

To prevent poisoning problems, it’s important to be aware of what your pet can not tolerate. Learn as much as possible about different topics and have control over what your animal ingests as much as possible.

Eye Trauma

Eye trauma is another common pet accident that can happen as a result of rough play or 

animal chasing. The sight of your pooch or feline tearing up brings much sadness to pet parents as sometimes such injuries can range from mild to severe, and lead to the loss of vision.

If this happens to your animal companion, take it to the vet immediately who’ll do a test and determine what type of treatment will be needed. The best you can do to prevent such accidents is to keep a close eye on your pet when outdoors in areas with bushes and shrubs, and hold the leash tight and right if it starts playing a bit more aggressively with other animals.

Nail-Related Accidents

Our pets tend to grow long nails which impacts how they place their feet on the ground and maintain proper balance. Therefore, nail trimming is a must when you have a pet so that they maneuver more easily on a sleek floor and don’t wind up getting caught in a carpet thread.

This can be very scary for your pet and they might overact and jerk the limb away, leading to painful nail, soft tissue, or toe injury.

To prevent this, you have to be proactive and train the pet to accept nail trimming. As they get accustomed to nail trimming, the risk that they will be injured will be reduced.

Final Thoughts

Pet injuries are inevitable but knowing how to avoid them will make a world of difference. Pay close attention to your pet, train it, and get the right insurance coverage in case the pet gets up to mischief.

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