4 Ways to Build Your Business With QR Codes

4 Ways to Build Your Business With QR Codes

You likely use QR codes on a regular basis. Whether it’s to pay a bill, visit a website, or check out the lunch menu — they are a revolution in internet technology.

But have you thought about how you can use QR codes in business? If you run a small business, you can use QR codes to help you interact with your customers.

You can expect to increase your productivity and efficiency if you implement QR codes for your company.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Get Website Traffic

The first place you want to direct potential customers to is your website. You can create a QR code or .net barcode that leads to your main website or to a landing page.

You can add this QR code to your business card. This way, every time you show your business card to a customer or fellow professional, they can visit your website.

This is often far more effective than putting your website’s URL. It’s one of the easiest ways to get website traffic when you meet others in the physical world!

  1. Offer Discounts

Do you want to offer a discount to specific customers? With a QR code, you can direct your customers to your website’s shopping cart.

The shopping cart will automatically have a discount code included. You can share this QR code in public to give a discount to anyone who sees it.

Or you can share the QR code with a select group of individuals. For example, you can email the QR code to your most loyal customers or those with premium memberships.

  1. Offer Directions

Another one of the best QR codes uses is to offer directions to your business address.

If someone scans your QR code, it will open their Maps application on their smartphone. It’ll record their current location and then direct them to your business address.

So many businesses can lose customers who get impatient trying to find their way to the location. With a QR code that offers directions, you won’t have to suffer the same fate for your business.

  1. Download Content

Finally, you can also use a QR code to let others download content.

For example, do you sell apps online? You can direct users to your page on an App Store using a QR code.

Are you an independent artist? You can direct users to your songs, NFTs, ebooks, etc., through your QR Code.

This is a great option for Lead Generation. If you want customers to get your free ebook, for example, create a QR code for this. Through this ebook, you can then include a QR code to get users to subscribe to your newsletter.

Those Are the Best Options for QR Codes in Business

Now that you know the advantages of QR codes in business, you can implement these options for your company.

Start by creating a QR code to direct others to your website and landing pages. You can print these QR codes on your business cards and even on stickers and flyers.

Then you want to consider creating QR codes that lead to specific downloadable content. You might be able to increase sales by offering discounts through QR codes as well.

You can also find more tips on business and tech on our website!

Written by Crystal Rae

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