5 Best Places to Sell Your Textbooks For Extra Cash

5 Best Places to Sell Your Textbooks For Extra Cash

Are you searching for the best places to sell your textbooks? There are numerous bookselling sites online claiming to give you the best offers. But they leave you stranded, not knowing what to do next.  

However, you can find good sites that can help you to sell your textbooks. You can choose to sell at an online platform focused on only books. Big retailers and even your social media platforms can help you sell your books and make extra cash. 

Fortunately, this guide gives you the best places to sell your textbooks. With college textbooks being expensive, these bookselling sites can help you get some or all of your money back. If you plan to make bookselling a side business, these platforms can help you make it into a successful business. 

  • is one of the best platforms to get the best deals. This bookselling site compares prices from more than 35 book-buying websites. It can help you find the website that’s willing to pay the highest offer for your textbooks. 

As you probably know, book prices usually fluctuate, and that can vary massively between vendors. What you can do is to compare each vendor with different criteria. That can help you know where to sell your books and get the highest price. 

There’s no need to sign-up with It’s free; however, there’s a BookScouter pro that comes with a monthly subscription. If you sign up for the pro version, you get uninterrupted usage, Bulk Lookup Tool, BookScouter Deals, tracking, notifications, etc. 

  • gives you the easiest and stress-free way to sell your textbooks and get the highest offers. When comparing offers, one of the vital things to note is to determine the vendors’ trustworthiness. You have to monitor the selling process until you get paid. 

With, the selling process is simple and straightforward, giving you everything you need in one place. The best is that they ensure you get paid for the price you opt for. Furthermore, the company has a vast network of reliable book-buying vendors. 

If you’re searching for an easy way to sell your textbooks, BookDeal is the right option. They will give you the information on where to buy a book for a cost-effective price. This bookselling site helps you to save money and generate income. And you get free shipping as well. 


BooksRun is another place to sell your college textbooks and get amazing offers. When you sell on BooksRun, you get free shipping. However, the prepaid shipping labels are available to only U.S. residents. 

All you have to do to sell your old textbooks is to enter your book’s ISBN on their website. From there, you can check the best offers and sell your books. You can also purchase or rent on the website. 

Should you choose to sell your books on BooksRun, you can send your books to either FedEx or USPS. Once the company receives your shipment, you get paid within four days through check or PayPal. 

Keep in mind that BooksRun doesn’t recommend drop-off boxes because it causes delivery delays. When you submit it to the collection facility, it helps you to track your shipment. 

  • Cash4Books 

Are you searching for the best place to sell your books at the end of the semester? We recommend Cash4Books. Before you even list your textbooks for sale on the website, you get a price quote for a specific text going rate. 

To do this, enter your book’s ISBN found on the textbook’s back cover. After getting a price quote, you can choose to sell your book on that platform or not. If you decide to sell the book, you ship them for free to the distributor. The distributor will then sell the books for you. 

Cash4Books pays you within 13 days through PayPal once they receive your textbooks. The website is simple, secure, and requires less effort to sell your books. If you’re looking for a bookselling site with a direct and straightforward method, Cash4Books is the right option. 

  • Decluttr 

If you have old textbooks laying around and don’t know what to do with them, Declutter is the right place to sell them. They let you sell old books, CDs, DVDs, video games, and old smartphones. The website is easy to use. 

You can search their website’s database or use their app to look for the items you’re selling. After finding the items, they give you a price. After agreeing with the price, you confirm the sale and ship the old textbooks. 

If you’re not particular about the buyback price, you can make a price comparison with other book buyback places. Decluttr offers free shipping, and you get paid through PayPal, direct deposit, or check. 

Final Thoughts 

Selling your textbooks doesn’t have to be challenging and time-wasting. Use your online resources to sell your books faster and make a profit. We recommend that you start with the bookselling sites outlined in this guide. It will give you a step in the right direction and ensure your success. 

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