5 Coffee and Food Pairings to Kick Start Your Day


Coffee is a single beverage that stands on its own. It acts as a recharging fuel for most people and customarily people can’t fathom starting their day without guzzling a few ounces of this caffeine-induced beverage. But did you know you can pair coffee with almost anything? If you are a coffee lover you probably already do that. Let’s explore some flavorful bites that you can pair with a hot pot of coffee:

Cheese Platter

Coffee and cheese may seem like an odd pairing. Cheese is a protein-packed food delicacy that is often paired with slices of bread and snacks. But there are some hard cheeses like Swiss and Red Cheddar that can be paired with a large cup of latte. If you are looking for a low-calorie alternative, you can even pair coffee with a bowl of cottage cheese.

Hummus Platter

Hummus is a very popular Middle Eastern breakfast food. While some people may be a little skeptical about pairing hummus with coffee (mainly because we only know about hummus through the shawarma joint down the street) but having a hummus platter with different vegetables, nuts, pita bread, and also some salty biscuits with garlicky hummus bowl in the middle paired with some coffee will help balance out your palette.

Lots and Lots of Berries

Something that immediately springs to a coffee lover’s mind is pairing coffee with berries. Berries either eaten alone or served with some sweet dish like cheesecakes or pancakes go best with a hot cup of joe. Like most sweet delicacies, it’s better to pair berries with a sweeter coffee like mocha or a caramel latte.

Loaves of Bread, Croissants, and Muffins

Well, these are the obvious ones! Both coffee and any sort of bread form are a part of a power-packed breakfast. Be it a doughnut or a buttery croissant, pair it with coffee and you have a yummy breakfast meal. A warm blueberry muffin with a tall glass of caramel macchiato can be a good evening snack for those university-going students who are in between classes. And in case you are having a group of friends over for an evening get together, you can order the coffee pairing variety pack from, it contains a range of different baked goods, like Entenmann’s Glazed Honey Buns and Thomas’ Mini Plain Croissants that you can serve your friends and family with warm cups of coffee.

Coffee Cakes

What can be a better pair with coffee, than a coffee cake? Coffee cakes come in a variety of textures and flavors. It totally depends on the ingredients and cooking method. But all of these are made to be enjoyed with a warm cup of coffee.  A cinnamon coffee cake paired with a tall glass of Americano is my personal favorite evening snack after a long day of work.

See – coffee pairing isn’t as intimidating as you may have thought! The right kind of coffee brew can be used to intensify subtle notes while evening out bold flavors. Unique coffee pairings can help kick-start your day and not only boost your energy, but your mood! That’s why we love, where you can select custom bundles with hand-selected bites that are served best next to a hot cup of Joe. Visit Sweet Snacking and choose your coffee pairings today!


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