5 Criteria for Choosing a TV Suitable for Elderly Individuals

TVs with screen sizes from 43 - 49 inches are always highly appreciated when choosing for older people to use.

Selecting a TV for seniors requires considerations to ensure the best viewing experience for grandparents or elderly parents. Let’s delve into advice for choosing a TV suitable for households with older individuals.

1. Appropriate Screen Size for Space and Viewing Distance

TVs with larger screen sizes, ranging from 43 to 49 inches, suit older individuals as they facilitate clear viewing of images, subtitles, and displayed text. Elderly individuals with declining vision may find it challenging to observe content on smaller screens.

For larger screens, 50 inches or more may cause issues like difficulty encompassing the entire content and potential eye strain. Therefore, TVs with screen sizes from 43 to 49 inches, like tivi smart Samsung 43 inch, are highly recommended for seniors.

Determining a reasonable viewing space and distance is the next thing you need to keep in mind when choosing a suitable TV for the elderly. If the space and distance to place the TV to the viewer’s position is from 2.44 – 2.72 meters, the ideal screen size is from 49 inches – 55 inches, and the distance is 2.26 – 2.44 meters, then a 43 – 49 inch TV is reasonable. .

2. The remote has a channel selection button or a mouse pointer

Remote with number keys: You should choose to buy a TV that comes with a remote with clear number keys, which will make it easier for grandparents to change channels with the available keys. Nowadays, many TVs want to make the remote more compact so they simplify it. number keys, this will cause difficulties for families with elderly people because they are more difficult to operate than usual.

Remote with mouse pointer or magic remote: This type of remote has a compact size but is easy to use, very suitable for families with elderly people because the remote has a built-in roller, just move the roller gently. The cursor will go to any location you want and click to select.

Magic remote is compact in size but easy to use

Magic remote is compact in size but easy to use

3. Large font size, easy-to-use operating system and Vietnamese language

You should choose to buy a TV that can install large display fonts and an operating system that is easy to use because older people have poor eyesight and have difficulty seeing small-sized text, especially when seeing text on the screen is more difficult. more difficult. In addition, a TV with a simple, easy-to-see interface will help grandparents easily find their favorite applications.

TVs with Vietnamese language is one of the things you need to keep in mind when choosing a TV for the elderly because they are friendly to Vietnamese users, especially for grandparents and parents. It will be very difficult to control the TV otherwise. understand what the TV is displaying, so you should choose a TV that uses Vietnamese like tivi Sony Smart 55 inch

4. Features voice control and search

TVs with voice control and search features are a great choice for families with older people, because when manipulating the remote a lot, the wrong button may be pressed, making it very difficult for grandparents to get used to it. usage.

TVs with voice control feature will help older people not have to do much to find the content they want. As long as they say the content, the TV can recognize it and go to it. content to find.

Above are the criteria to choose the most reasonable TV for the elderly. If you still have any questions, you can leave a comment below!

Written by Francis Underwood

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