5 Easy Back To School Hairstyles

Another school year doesn’t have to mean the same old same old boring ponytail every day. Step into the new year with these fresh and easy back to school hairstyles and stand out from the crowd.

Classic Low Bun

A low bun is an easy way to class up any outfit and to seem like you’ve got your life together. This style is super simple and works of clean or dirty hair. With a middle part, or a very slight side part, gather your hair to the nape of your neck. There are two different ways to do the classic low bun, messily or slicked back, however you choose to gather your hair is how the bun will turn out. Secure the hair into a low pony, pulling the front inch or so on either side of your face out from the pony. This allows the hair to frame your face. Take the hair from the ponytail and wrap it around itself into a bun before securing into another hair tie. This style works best on hair that doesn’t have a ton of layers in it.

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Half Up – Half Down Space Buns

Half up – half down hair is a classic look that is constantly being reimagined, like this modern look which takes the classic hairstyle and adds the space bun trend. For this look, you’re going to want to first middle part your hair. After you’ve parted it you will want to separate the top third of each side of your head. Taking one side of your hair, separate it again letting the front inch or so fall straight down and then gathering the rest into a high side pigtail. Messily braid the pigtail before wrapping it around the hair tie into a bun. Secure the ends with another hair tie and bobby pins. Repeat this on the other side of your hair. This hairstyle works best with thicker and longer hair but you can cheat it by not braiding the pigtails before wrapping them.

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Dutch Braid Pigtails

French braided pigtails are a classic back to school hairstyle that is super easy to switch up and make more interesting. If you can French brain you should have no trouble switching to Dutch braid. Simply follow the same three strand technique, picking up additional hair as you go but instead of crossing each strand over each other you need to pass each section under each other. This creates the illusion of the brain sitting on top of the hair, instead of being integrated. This hairstyle works on long or short hair but works best on hair that doesn’t have any layers.

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Dutch Braided Pigtails To Messy Bun

Want to get an extra look out of your Dutch braids? Braid until you reach the nape of your neck and then secure both ends in a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Pull the end of the ponytail three-quarters of the way through the ponytail creating a bun and pull strands to make messy. Voila, two looks for the price of one!


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Half Up – Half Down Hair Scarf

This back to school hairstyle is perfect to cover up those greasier hair days between washes. Ideally, your hair will have a little grit and grip to it to help the scarf stay in place. With second or third day hair you gather the top third messily into a high pony and secure. Using a thin and tight hair elastic is the best way to keep the pony from slipping throughout the day. If you want some extra lift in the pony use two bobby pins stuck straight down the back of the hair tie, or one depending on how thick your hair is. Once your pony is secured wrap with ribbon or a hair scarf to add a stylish detail to the classic look.

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Which of these back to school hairstyles are you going to try? Let us know in the comment section below and send us pictures of your attempts.

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