5+ Easy Christmas Crafts with HTVRONT to Put You in the Holiday Spirit

DIY Christmas crafts include ideas for making beautiful Christmas wreaths, DIY Christmas ornaments and other Christmas decorations, which are sure to make your home full of joy.

A batch of homemade holiday biscuits is very considerate, and DIY gift baskets or decorations will surely please the recipient. But when it comes to truly meaningful Christmas gifts, you can’t beat custom gifts at all.

We have researched the best personalized gifts so far, and hope they will make your gift giving this year easier and more meaningful. These customized holiday gift ideas are not only fun, but also very thoughtful and unique. Considering that each personalized gift is unique, your recipient will appreciate and understand that no one else in the world has exactly the same gift. Almost everyone can find something suitable for them here.

1.Christmas T-shirt

People can easily buy T-shirts from stores, but DIY a unique Christmas T-shirt with your favorite htv vinyl can add a lot of fun. Custom tops for all nieces and nephews this Christmas

Use heat transfer vinyl to make Christmas T-shirts! There are many cute designs to choose from, with beautiful snowflakes, Santa Claus or monograms. All you need to do is to print the design decals that have been cut and weeded onto the T-shirt with a mini heat press!

There are many vinyl brands on the market. Like SISER, Cricut, ORACAL. Recently, I found a shop called HTVRONT which provide cheaper and good quality than these shops. HTVRONT sells many different types of vinyl and some hand tools. Focus on customer service experience. From time to time, the website blog of HTVRONT will share some handmade ideas, some manual guides and tips. It is worth your attention!

2.Joy Christmas pillow

The joy Christmas pillow is placed in front of the sofa, which becomes the best view of the season. The strategy used to make this gift is not difficult to understand. When a person is interested, they can use the shortest time to understand. In fact, the knowledge passed on in this art can be used to inspire family unity during Christmas. Those who understand how it is done can easily teach those who are not at home before or during Christmas. When families get together to do something in common, it helps to strengthen the strength of unity and purpose.

Use simple decals to quickly upgrade store-bought pillows. To make them, you can design your favorite style JOY in Design Space. Then cut and weed. You can choose glitter iron on vinyl or holographic vinyl. These two vinyls can add some extra sparkle or glitter to your design and are available in many special effect colors and finishes that will take your designs to a new level.

3.DIY holiday card tree

Both retro and brand new Christmas cards are suitable for this fun (and very simple) DIY! A galvanized bucket can be used to collect more holiday mail and packages from friends far and near.

4.Sparkling christmas ornaments

We turned the old night lights into holiday decorations, but any size will do. Simply apply shiny glue, roll the bulb into a flash, and let it dry for 15 minutes. Then use hot glue to glue a circle of metal embroidery thread to the base of the bulb. Get Permanent Christmas lights for your event here.

5.Christmas snowball

For a sock filler that is cooler than cool, create a mini winter wonderland with the snowball kit. Here is how to make the ball roll:

Step 1: Decide what you want to put on your globe (we choose cupcake decoration), remember that plastic and ceramic work best underwater.

Step 2: If needed, cover the bottom of the earth. Since our feature is outdoor scene, we used model train “grass” and glued it with waterproof epoxy resin. Spray Watco’s varnish; let dry.

Step 3: Place your character on the base; paste it with epoxy resin.

Step 4: Once the epoxy is dry, follow the kit instructions to attach the dome to the base and fill it with distilled water and the accompanying snow. To hide the seam where the base and the dome intersect, use glue dots to fix the decorative tape around the earth. After all, this seems to be a small world.

6.Personalized family mug

After all, it is hot chocolate season; why not celebrate with a few new cups? On one side of this gift are family members and their names, and on the other side are your (or their!) surnames.

These simple Christmas crafts are very delicate and can be given as gifts to your mother or best friend, and they are all beautiful enough to be proudly displayed on your own mantel.

Of course, as with any craft project, this is not entirely dependent on the end result—the best Christmas craft ideas are not the ones that produce the most beautiful and top-notch works. Instead, we prefer you to focus on the production experience and share this experience with your friends and family. After all, what really matters is thought.

Make full use of the anticipated moments through some interesting and simple Christmas handicrafts, so that everyone is immersed in the festive atmosphere.

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