5 Essential Components Of Off-Shore Oil And Gas Rigs In 2022

5 Essential Components Of Off-Shore Oil And Gas Rigs In 2022

In the last few years, the planet’s dependence on energy has increased. While green energy sources are drawing investments, there is no denying the fact that traditional sources of energy like oil and gas continue to lead the way. In other words, green energy and power generation simply cannot keep up with the world’s growing thirst for energy.

Oil and gas rigging, both offshore and onshore continue to be the major suppliers as far as energy is concerned. Many experts have pointed out that as compared to onshore drilling, offshore rigging is much more difficult and challenging. Rigging to the bottom-most parts of the planet, on ocean floors and sea beds requires heavy equipment and expertise.

In this article, we are going to look at five essential components of off-shore oil and gas rigging. Specifically, we are going to focus on the tools that are must-have utilities of components that enable high-performance rigging, exploration as well as extraction of oil and gas from below the surface of the Earth.

List of 5 Essential Components of Offshore Oil and Gas Rigging

  • Screens-

One of the most important components of any rigging exercise is wire wrapped screens. When crude oil comes out from the surface of the Earth, it is mixed with sand, mud, stone, and other impurities. Such particles that are mixed in with the crude need to be filtered and separated before the crude is refined and turned into petrol, diesel, and other fuel types. Wire wrapped screens are the filter that works at high performance to ensure that the impurities are completely removed and other equipment is not damaged by heavy stones or bricks.

  • Diesel Generators-

The entire power supply for all the running of the heavy machinery is done through diesel-powered generators. We are talking about thousands of horsepower that is required on an everyday basis to run all the tools and machinery on the rig. Everything from drilling machines to deep bores and pumps is run by this power source. The diesel generator needs to be powerful, sturdy, and as energy efficient as possible to cope up with the demands. This power source also needs to take care of the daily requirements of all the employees working on the rig.

  • Mud Pumps-

Every oil and gas rigging operation understands the importance of high-quality mud pumps in its operations. Mud pumps are also referred to as positive displacement pumps. They pump out the crude along with all the different abrasive elements in the form of stones and other impurities. They are efficient and do not break down even when pumping out heavy and dangerous rocks and stones. You can choose between single piston stroke pumps and double piston stroke mud pumps. The latter is referred to as a duplex pump. You also get triple pumps.

  • Pipes-

All the supplies that have been extracted need to be moved between different chambers and verticals. The basic level of refining requires long pipes that are able to efficiently carry the fuel throughout different positions on the rig. Most rigging operations use high-performance steel pipes that are anti-corrosion in nature. Drill pipes are not your standard pipes and need to withstand high pressure and volume. The smallest problem can result in major catastrophes. In addition to the pipes, oil rigs also need a vast variety of casings and oil tubing to function.

  • Degasser-

You need to understand that fossil fuels contain several diluted gases, which if not removed can prove to be injurious to the safety of everyone on the rig. Degassers are tools and equipment that prevent and remove gases from the fuels that are being pumped outside. This helps in preventing the formation of bubbles in the oil that is being extracted. A degasser is usually used in combination with a shale shaker to remove any further impurities from the oil. This is one of the most crucial risk limitations exercises that prevent explosions and blasts on the site.

The Final Word

The oil and gas industry has been under a storm of negative reviews and publicity. However, the reality is that without this industry, our world would have never been able to grow and develop to the extent that we have. If you would like us to offer any further clarifications on any of the points about tools mentioned in the article, please feel free to reach out to us in the comments below.

Written by Enaa Mari

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