5 Features Almost Certainly Present in the iPhone 15 Pro

While there’s been ample speculation about the iPhone 15 Pro’s design and specifications, as we approach its release date, details about the upcoming “flagship” iPhone 15 Pro are crystallizing and seem more likely to be true.

USB-C Charging Port Adoption

According to tech site Cnet, Apple’s executives have indicated plans to comply with Europe’s new regulations requiring all smartphones to feature a USB-C charging port. It’s almost certain that iPhone 15 Pro will move away from its predecessor’s Lightning port in favor of USB-C. However, whether this version of the iPhone 15 Pro will be exclusive to the European market or available globally remains unclear.

Switching from the Lightning to USB-C may offer several advantages for iPhone users. They can seamlessly charge alongside other Apple devices like Macbooks and iPads, which have already adopted the USB-C port. Additionally, the transition to USB-C will allow for faster charging and data transfer, especially for the two versions: iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Ultra-Thin display bezels

Recently, TikToker @tuanngocday shared his hands-on experience with a “dummy” version of the iPhone 15 Pro. According to him, dien thoai iPhone 15 Pro will feature slimmer display bezels than its predecessor, while retaining the Dynamic Island. 

If Apple confirms this, users will enjoy bezels as thin as approximately 1.55mm—0.7mm thinner than the iPhone 14 Pro. This change will enhance screen real estate, nudging the design closer to a future edge-to-edge smartphone display.

Titanium frame over stainless steel

Tech outlet The Verge reports that there’s a high likelihood that both the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will boast titanium frames, as opposed to the stainless steel found in their preceding counterparts. 

A titanium frame would make the new iPhone lighter and more robust, minimizing issues like bezel scratches experienced with the iPhone 14 Pro. However, this change might be a factor that drives up the cost of the iPhone 15 Pro.

Camera Upgrades in Sensor and Lens

Respected tech website 9to5Mac suggests that the iPhone 15 Pro camera will likely continue to use the 48MP sensor, similar to the iPhone 14 Pro, producing sharp and depth-rich images. In addition, Tomsguide, a renowned tech review site, mentions that the iPhone 15 Pro will incorporate a new sensor from Sony. This sensor aims to capture more light, mitigating issues like underexposure and overexposure.

Furthermore, Apple will continue to integrate the LiDAR sensor into the iPhone 15 Pro, enhancing photo quality and improving spatial recognition around subjects.

iPhone 15 Pro price set to increase

Given the numerous quality and design updates mentioned earlier, MacRumors predicts that iPhone 15 Pro’s price will increase compared to the iPhone 14 Pro. Specifically, the retail price for the iPhone 15 Pro versions is projected to start from $1099, marking an anticipated $100 increase from its predecessor.

This adjustment of gia iPhone 15 is plausible as Apple has maintained consistent pricing for two consecutive years with both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 series. Therefore, consumers should be financially prepared and also consider seeking further information regarding the selling price in the Vietnamese market since prices may surge due to taxes and other associated costs.

While the above information seems highly likely, it remains speculative in nature. Hence, to obtain accurate details about the iPhone 15 Pro, users should await its anticipated launch on 9/12 at 10 a.m. PT.

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