5 Inspiring and Effective Ecommerce Explainer Videos

Video is gaining traction among ecommerce businesses in ways no one predicted. Businesses are constantly using different types of videos to increase revenue and brand reach. But amongst all the types of videos, Explainer videos are being used the most. 

Don’t believe me? I’ll let the statistics do the talking:

  • 97% of marketers report that video has benefited them in improving consumer comprehension of their product or service.
  • 72% of companies say explainer videos have positively impacted their conversion rate.
  • With entertaining explainer videos, marketers can quickly illustrate the capabilities and uses of their products.

Still, there are also some factors that affect your marketing strategy- 

  • Online business owners may know that a sizable portion of your target audience is unaware of your solutions.
  • One in every three Americans does not understand how the internet works. Consider what percentage of your audience does not understand your technical jargon.

Anyway, don’t lose heart. 

It simply takes a solid explainer video to communicate your brand’s narrative effectively.

What Are Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are brief videos that highlights the critical aspects of a brand’s products and services. 

It is a short, informative, and unboring sales pitch.

Why Are Explainer Videos Important?

There are several reasons why explainer videos are necessary. 

Here are a few:

Build Emotional Connect With The Audience

If you’re looking for a great storytelling device, your quest ends with explainer videos. 

They are capable of influencing the mood of the audience.

Moreover, you can enhance the story arc with the right tone, music, and voiceover.

Explains The Ins And Outs Of Service/Product

If you offer intricate products/services to the users, you have to educate your consumers in becoming accustomed to it. 

It is when explainer videos come in handy.

Individuals readily absorb information from videos.

Additionally, 47% of companies stated that explainer videos reduced customer support requests.

Improves Conversion Rate

According to data, landing pages that include explanatory videos convert at an 86% rate

A single animated explanation video was all that Dropbox needed to grow from 0 to 100 million users.

Improves Engagement

Video surpasses other types of content in organic search. They focus on resolving your audience’s concerns; they excel at satisfying search intent and creating engagement.

If you plan to create an animated explainer video for your eCommerce business, look no further. 

Start now!

However, before you begin the production, you may require some inspiration.

We are here to assist you!

We’ve compiled and studied five of the best companies for e-commerce video inspiration. 

They make the most exciting and helpful ecommerce videos, ranging from live demos to whimsical, animated explainers.

Let’s start browsing!

Brief And Straightforward

With a typical attention period of only eight seconds, marketers have a limited time to convey their message, let alone be compelling enough to sell a product. 

Rather than that, these explainer videos save time by concentrating immediately on the essential elements. 

The ideal video duration varies according to brand and stage of growth but should be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.

Norton leads the explainer video race. 

Its explanation video is only 29 seconds long, but it does not make it less powerful. 

Its pleasantly vivid character animations are unusual among software products, as they demonstrate the critical nature of safeguarding your personal information. 

While highlighting the value of digital “things” and the risk, it swiftly makes a compelling argument for digital protection.

No matter how compelling it may sound, customized products and services are complex. 

However, Wallprotex made the proper use of the explainer video to stack the odds in their favor.

From concept to prototype to final development, the Wallprotex video takes viewers through the process of obtaining wall protection solutions.

Chalkboard-style animations recreate Wallprotex’s online shopping interface, simplifying the time-consuming procedure.

Let The Pictures Do The Talking

A compelling explainer video requires a strong narration. 

However, allowing the visual aspects to speak for themselves is more rugged in certain circumstances.

For instance, there are movies with little to no spoken content and rely instead on visual and aural effects to close the deal. 

Moreover, 85 percent of videos shared on social media platforms such as Facebook are viewed without sound.

The Nike Air Max 2017 video is a delight to watch. 

Its visual emphasizes the sneakers’ lightness and versatility. 

The video consists of motion graphics showing the real Air Max sneakers’ appearance and natural movement, interspersed with pictures of the shoes. 

They have used not even a single dialogue to narrate their story. 

Instead, the appealing visuals and impeccable graphics are enough to bring shoppers to buy Nike’s Air Max sneakers.

Make Yourself Known

Explainer videos must make an impact to be successful. 

For example, your video must portray the brand’s personality. It is most likely to be top of mind of consumers when making a purchase decision.

  • Spotify

Spotify is all blessing to the ears. 

Its simple yet powerful musical explainer video lures the audience to install it.

The team uses: 

  • a straightforward animation technique, 
  • a minimal color palette, and 
  • a simple screenplay 

to explain the service and its benefits to music enthusiasts. 

The animation moves in lockstep with the music, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to acoustic enjoyment.

The Difference Is What Counts

Explainer videos are ideal for highlighting a product’s key features. 

Additionally, describing what a product or service does is critical to demonstrate the product’s advantage to prospective clients. 

For example, concentrating on the positive impact of the product on their life or business might be the difference between a successful video and a disastrous one.

  • Shopify

The Shopify explanation video spends minimal time discussing what Shopify does or illustrating how it works—yet it still makes a compelling argument. 

Colorful graphics glide from one scene, demonstrating differences between shopping and Shopify. 

This emphasis underlines the value of using Shopify to enable clients to make purchases from any location. 

Additionally, the service allows for purchases on social networking platforms and individual photos.

Final Thoughts

An explainer video may be a very effective tool for a company, particularly for those with distinctive products or a creative approach to their sector. 

Videos that show the product’s worth are more likely to succeed if they are brief, focus on compelling visuals, and use an authentic style.

Take inspiration from these five compelling ecommerce explainer videos and do well!

Author bio:- Komal Kokate is the Co-Founder and CEO of MotionGility, an Explainer Video Company. With a keen eye for creativity, she is an expert in video marketing. While delivering high results to clients, she loves exploring the market and the latest marketing trends in the B2B industry. Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Frederick Jace

A passionate Blogger and a Full time Tech writer. SEO and Content Writer Expert since 2015.

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