5 Places to Find Undiscovered Musical Talent in Your Town 

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If you have ever thought to yourself, “where can I find some new, fresh, musical entertainment near me?” Look no further. The answer is right in your own backyard!

There are plenty of opportunities to listen to cool new bands and artists; you have to be looking in the right place. Luckily for you, I’ve compiled this helpful list of spots where you can keep an eye out for that new musical prospect in your hometown.

On the Streets

The best place to find undiscovered musical talent in your hometown is right on the streets. The people who are busking on street corners are the ones who have talent, but they don’t have the means to expose this talent. All they have is a guitar and dreams, and that is the purest form of music. But it means so much more. Check out Moonlight Sonata for best collection.

Open Mics

Many coffee shops and bars hold a weekly open mic night where a whole group of young talent will play a two to three-song set. These events are great for watching potential and keeping tabs on certain people and groups. The great part about these shows is that most musicians stay after their set to enjoy the rest of the music.

This means that if you find a group you like, you might get the opportunity to connect with them after their set. Then you can keep tabs on them as they progress.


Teaching a local music class, such as private guitar or piano lessons, is a great place to find new, potential talent. But, even if you don’t teach these lessons, if you know someone who does ask to sit in on a class of a promising student, you might be pleasantly surprised by the potential of some younger people.

Local Gigs

Going to local bars and live music shows in your town is the best place to find undiscovered talent. So if you hear about a cool new band you have never seen playing at a pub nearby, go check it out and see if they are any good.

Plus, if worst comes to worst and they aren’t any good, you can at least get a drink and a half-decent meal out of the whole experience.

College Campuses

It may be a clique, but the guy who sits in the quad with his guitar to get girls could be the next big musician in your hometown. The part of this clique that isn’t entirely true is that this person uses his guitar to get girls.

If you find the quiet kid playing his acoustic guitar by himself, that is when you should talk to him because he isn’t trying to impress anyone, and he can share interesting information about his music.

Sometimes, you need to find something new and fresh. You don’t want to listen to the same songs, covered by the same people, over and over again. If you love live music, you want to find the cool new people that will soon hit the scene. You want to know them before they make a name. It is all about the chase, and finding cool bands is no different.

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