5 Reasons Why Your Startup is Better Off Hiring Remote Engineers


Hiring is always a challenge and going in with the faith of hiring remotely is another hurdle to surmount. However, over the years, employers are getting more comfortable with the idea of allowing their employees to work Startup remotely and give them a little more freedom to set their own timelines and work schedules. Would definitely have given control freaks a freak-out session, however, with top tier IT companies taking the leap, more and more smaller frogs have followed suit. 

The idea to hire remote software engineers, however, completely flipped on its head once the pandemic hit worldwide. As more and more countries tightened their lockdown measures one at a time, many companies – that were reluctant to go remote – were plunged into making this decision overnight. So what was once a far off fantasy now became a reality for everyone.

Hiring might have completely halted for a bit, due to all the uncertainties prevailing worldwide. This was definitely something to be expected, but slowly and steadily, companies started flexing their muscles and dealt with the new normal. Hiring picked up pace as more and more companies and executives iterated and went through this learning curve. A lot of companies, thus, now realize that they were skeptics about hiring remote engineers for no reason and that they are much better off doing so in the first place.

So how is YOUR startup better off hiring remote engineers?

Well, there are numerous reasons – but here are the top 5.

Competing with Bigger Fish

As the word itself means you are just starting up, hence, capital is low, resources are scarce, to compete with competition one has to have the right hiring process in place. Hiring remote engineers has been a top priority for a lot of startups. 

As they are able to source top talent without having to break the bank. Giving the remote engineers to work flexibly from anywhere in the world, has given startup founders a relief as they are able to keep costs low while also not compromising on quality. The playing field is literally leveled out in the remote world.

Save Time – Earn Profits

It takes almost 50% longer to hire for tech positions in comparison to any other role in the United States. Companies average about 66 days per position! Going remote has significantly cut down the timelines it takes to plug in engineers and get going. Hiring, interviewing, training, is a hassle. Going remote you cut to the chase.

The World is your Oyster

You literally have your pick of any number of people globally. Boundaries melt away and you are left with a talent pool that is diverse and budding with talent.

Remote Engineers have proven to be more flexible, more engaged and more motivated to prove themselves that startups have now given their employees complete freedom of choice of whether they want to work from office or remotely.

Cost of Hiring Remote Engineers

The cost of hiring remotely is significantly lower. The pandemic has obliterated the office rental market, as companies have realized they can work with a much reduced square footage if at all; to the extent that many companies are looking to downsize in office space – even if not in laying people off.

Moreover when hiring remote, hiring executives can bargain for a lower pay scale for other benefits. Reason being, that engineers can either be living in a different country (hence, currency rates can differ and be beneficial), or even if the engineers are living in the same country, engineers can cut costs of commuting to work and/or living in an expensive city to be able to be closer to their office. When an engineer need not worry about such expenses, they could be willing to come onboard on a lower pay.

Remote Engineers Bring in New Perspective

It goes without saying, that with widening your talent pool, you’re also broadening your perspective. Remote engineers have proven to be better at problem solving and more creative in coming up with unique insights and solutions. All this can help bolster your startup to grow exponentially.

Wrapping up the Whys

In short, your startup is better off hiring engineers remotely like Gaper, as the world is already propelled 7 years into the future due to COVID 19. It is not going anywhere, and the rapid learnings due to the pandemic, has only solidified the voice of supporters of a remote world.


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