5 Simple Style Tips for Women in Business

5 Simple Style Tips for Women in Business

As a woman, you have so many clothing options. That can be both a blessing and a curse. While men can put on a pair of pants and a button-up shirt and look perfectly dressed for a business meeting, cousin’s wedding, or a night out with friends, women have to think more carefully about what they wear. One wrong item and you are easily over or underdressed. Like being a successful businesswoman isn’t hard on its own, you need to make sure that your outfits reflect your professionalism, strength, and confidence. Whether you like it or not, good looks and first impressions do matter. Here are several tips that will help you look your best while conquering the world of business.

Spend more on quality, not quantity

It is always better to spend 50 dollars on one shirt than one dollar on 50 shirts! Instead of trying to fill your wardrobe with various trendy pieces, find several staple items that never go out of style and spend more money on them. While spending less on your clothing might seem like a budget-friendly option, in the long run it is not. The materials are much more low-quality and they will look stretched out and worn out after just one wash. On the other hand, a nice dress that did cost you a bit more will serve you for years to come, and will even then look as good as new. Also, quality items will help you look classy, professional, and put together.

Wear accessories wisely

Jewelry can make or break your outfit, so choose it wisely. To look professional and elegant, choose more subtle pieces instead of statement ones. Classic ones such as a nice set of pearl earrings or a simple bracelet are always a safe choice. Besides, bear in mind that nice small earrings would be a perfect complement to your necklace. We’ve found a beautiful selection of women’s necklaces that can be reached via this link. If you wish to add a touch of color to your outfit, stylish gemstone pieces such as amethyst jewelry by Moon Magic can be your best option. If you are not a huge jewelry fan, you can opt for a nice handbag or a briefcase, an elegant scarf, or a larger belt.

Find a great tailor

When it comes to business wardrobe, the fit is everything. Your clothing pieces should be not too tight, or too loose. Anything too short or too long isn’t a good choice either. Since you might have a hard time finding such items, it is much easier to buy those you like, and then have them altered by your tailor.

Don’t show too much skin

While you can show off your legs or your cleavage during the night out with your friends, such outfit is not appropriate for the office. Therefore, if you wish to wear a dress or a skirt, make sure it at least touches the top of your knee. Super high slits are not professional, and neither are transparent clothes that reveal the color of your undergarments. Instead, look for dresses that have a modest neckline, as well as blazers and cardigans that will help you maintain a feminine, yet professional look.

Don’t overdo your makeup

Blue eyeshadow or fiery red lipstick is not a great choice for the office. Also, false eyelashes, smoky eyeshadow, and a lot of bronzer can make you look like you are going to a party, not a business meeting. When you are getting ready for work, keep it simple. The secret to great makeup is that you look like you are not wearing makeup at all, and makeup classes in Toronto can help you do just that. These products should help you emphasize your best features, hide your flaws and look like the best version of yourself, not someone entirely else. Make sure you keep a small mirror in your purse, so you can check your look before you go into important meetings. Lipstick on your teeth, smudged eyeliner, or food in your teeth can give others the opportunity to think less of you, so don’t give them the satisfaction.

Different offices require different types of attire, so make sure you study the dress code thoroughly before you go shopping for clothes.

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