5 smart ways to use a QR code for Google Forms

5 smart ways to use a QR code for Google Forms

Google Forms is a leading free online application that allows users to create surveys and questionnaires. Most businesses now use this to gather information or feedback from their consumers.

After creating a Form, you need to share it with your target audience by copying the link and sending it to them via messaging apps or email—which can be pretty inconvenient.

But did you know you can convert the link into a QR code using a QR code generator? You can then simply share the QR code and let people scan it to access the form.

This removes the hassle of copying long links and then pasting and sending them. It’s also more presentable and convenient for respondents.

To know how helpful a Google Form QR code can be, look at the use cases below.

How to use a Google Form QR code

Contact tracing

Since it’s possible for a QR code to collect contact information, many governments and establishments worldwide used them for contact tracing at the height of COVID-19.

Authorities placed QR codes at entry points of various places, such as terminals, restaurants, schools, and hospitals. People had to scan them, fill out the form, and leave their contact details.

This innovation removed the need for printed forms and ballpoint pens, which could spread viruses as people had to touch and hold them.

Customer feedback

Dropboxes are outdated. Businesses now use QR codes to gather feedback from their customers.

People can simply scan the Google Form QR code to leave a review or suggestion about a product or item they bought or a service they availed.

It also facilitates a more organized way of keeping and monitoring the comments. Google Forms records all responses made in an orderly fashion, making it easier for you to go through them.

Hotel reservations

According to Condor Ferries, more than 80% of travelers prefer booking their stay online. Hotels can use a Google Form QR code on their flyers and other print ads to let guests book online.

By doing so, their printed materials can serve two purposes: promote their hotel to a wider audience and provide them instant access to a reservation form.

And when using a dynamic QR code, hotels can use its corresponding short URL on their website and newsletters to bring online users to the same Google Form.

This way, they can keep track of engagement from those who scanned the QR codes on print ads and those who clicked the short URL on a single dashboard.


When people receive RSVPs, they often respond through text, call, or email. But with a Google Form QR code, they can simply scan and fill out the form as a response.

The party hosts can check on the Google Form website to see whether their guests will attend the party or not.

They can also include questions such as who the guest will bring along or any food allergies or preferences they must know.

Educational purposes

Did you know that teachers now use Google Forms to create online quizzes? And with QR codes, students need only to scan them to start answering the quiz.

What’s great about Google Forms is its self-grading quizzes. As soon as students submit their answers, they will immediately see their scores.

Also, the form will show the correct answer to the items they answered incorrectly. This saves teachers from checking their students’ answers, which is time-consuming.

Aside from that, a Google Forms QR code also helps post-grad students gather responses for their theses or dissertations.

Sharing a digital QR code is much easier than distributing printed questionnaires or sending long Google Form links.

QR codes for faster access to Google Forms

Google Forms presents a more optimized way of gathering data, such as feedback or contact details. And with a QR code, sharing the form is faster and easier.

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Written by Enaa Mari

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