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5 Tips for Bumper Car Sticker Designing and Printing

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As there are so many cars out there on the road, you may always want to make your vehicle look unique and catchy. The use of car stickers is an ideal way to give a unique look to your vehicle. You may also use car bumper stickers as a marketing tool to provide an excellent return on investment. With advanced custom designing and printing technologies available, it is much easier and cheaper now to print stickers as you want.


You may also offer catchy car stickers as a give-out to your loyal customers who may want to slap them onto their vehicles. This way, you can quickly spread a message to everyone on the road or those who view the sticker at a parking lot. This article will discuss five quick and easy tips for designing and printing effective car bumper stickers.


  1. Keep the space restrictions in mind


As you can imagine, bumper stickers may not offer you a lot of room for promotional messages. So, try to make use of the available space wisely. Professional printers will provide you with some standard sticker templates perfect for the bumper dimensions of various cars. You may also choose among these templates wisely to make a design.


  1. Choose contrasting colours


The viewers on the road may spy your bumper stickers if contrasting colours and quickly made to read. You may want to use bold colours which will stand out based on the body colour of your vehicle. However, try to limit yourself to a few catchy colours to keep the contrast right. Also, it is easy to read and uses minimal graphics to ensure that it is easily noticeable and quickly understandable.


  1. Use die-cut


Bumper stickers are usually made in rectangle shapes, but you can also make them stand out by choosing any imaginable shape with the help of a die-cut. You may think of what your business is all about and what images may fit it the best. You can even see dog bone shape bumper stickers for pet stores and cross-shaped stickers for church messages etc.


  1. Take a test drive


You may try to print proof of the bumper sticker and temporarily tape it on your vehicle. You may ask a friend to drive behind your vehicle and check out whether the typeset is too small or too big and if the colours and message are decipherable. This trial run will give you a better understanding of the impact of your car sticker.


  1. Have a protective coating


Your car body may be exposed to various weather conditions. So, make sure that you cove it well to not fade in any weather conditions. It is ideal to consider a vinyl coating witch whose sticker stays for long and looks brand new.


While choosing a provider to design and print your car bumper stickers, always ensure that you go to a professional car sticker maker and ensure that you get the best quality product. When you are making custom stickers, your involvement and brainstorming are highly appreciated for the best results. If you are looking for cash for cars and in need of money get an offer now.



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