5 Tips for Planning an Elopement in Italy during Covid-19 Emergency


Covid-19 is became a part of all out talks: Covid-19 and school, Covid-19 and Job and also, among many topics we have Wedding sided with Covid-19.

The whole travel industry together with the wedding are struggling to find a way to see beyond the darkness and maybe the worldwide vaccination plan is starting to give them a little of fresh air.

Travels and weddings are in some way connected. During the last years many Americans, Australians and Canadians decided to have their wedding in Europe and in specific Italy.

In the year 2019 Italy was the perfect scenario for more than 9,200 foreign couples recording about 473 thousand arrival flight registrations and a turn over of 540 milions. The Pandemic emergency have litterally knock out two main Italian industries: the wedding and the tourism.

Many weddings have been cancelled, other postponed and still on hold as the regulations about the wedding season 2021 have been not yet announced.

What might be the moods of all couples who are still dreaming to get married in Italy? What is the possible solution to a wedding postponing and cancellation?

We made these questions to Maria Pia Carbotti, a wedding planner whose destination wedding agency, Puglia Ever After, is based in Puglia, South of Italy.

“I would lying say that every is going to be fine and that there will be lot of wedding for this 2021.”-Maria Pia said.

I have many couples who have cancelled their weddings  and decided to get married in their own Country. Some postponed in 2022 mainly because by the time they contacted me, they were starting to plan, so nothing was confirmed or secured with a deposit yet. I have some weddings which have been postpone in September and October 2021, but a couple of them are afraid they couldn’t make it.

As a planner I’m in charge of making the couple feel in good hands with the whole wedding planning flow but also be frank with them and together find the best solution to avoid loss of money and hope.

I’m a destiation wedding planner but I’m also a specialist for elopements and intimate weddings in Puglia and I believe these small events will be very common in the next years to come as well as wedding anniversaries and blessings along with the symbolic wedding celebrations.

For this reason, when a couple is stuck in the middle of the road not sure if cancelling or postpone a wedding, I always suggest as first option an Elopement or a small intimate wedding.

10 Tips for Planning an Elopement in Italy during Covid-19 Emergency

Here are my 5 essential tips to plan an elopement in italy.


If you are planning to have your elopement abroad and want to have a “zero surprises” wedding planning, than I will always reccomand you to hire a local professional wedding planner. I have to say that in Italy there are many wedding planning agency but not all of them are able to communicate in English. Language in Italy is still a barrier and you have to deal with it: Google Translator might be of no help in some cases, so make sure yout planner is a English speaking planner.


Memories are the most important things that we have. Not houses, not money, not cars but memories. Elopements are make of 98% of amazing breathless pictures take in incredible location, surrounded with nothing but the the nature and the power of love.

For this reason the second important things to do is booking your favourite photographer. Instagram is  the perfect resource to find the professional that matches with your life style and taste. My additional suggestion is to find a photographer in the same area or Country you are having your  event, but this is only because we are living in these hard times.


The Style is also very important, but I believe that it is the most easy thing to manage while planning an elopement. The elopement on my opinion is the most romantinc wedding related event ever! It is about you only: the things you like, the words you will pronounce and the tears of joy you will gently wipe off.

Wheather is a Boho, a rustic one, a minimalist or a rock ’n roll style, just be yourself and everything will be perfect!


As I’ve said earlier, we do not know what will be the future for the italian tourism in 2021, but usually Italy is crowded during the sumemr season, let’s say form of June till the beginning of September.

It is high season so it might be really expencive, specially if you choose location like Capri or Amalfi and in some case also during off season, these place keep their prices pretty high.

Puglia is my region but believe if I say that is a stunning Italin region, nominated as the most beautiful region of the Word two time form the National Geographic.It’s all said. During the last years has been the main destination holidays for many Eu citizen and so, the average cost risen a little, but it is still affordable, specially during off season. If you want to avoid high rates, then May, Sept, Oct, are perfect also considering the weather.


When it comes with wedding venues, Puglia is able to offer litterally anything. Are you thinking about a rustic farmhouse or a beach? Dreaming of a castle or a private villa front facing the sea?  The options are endless.

Your wedding planner will be the only person able to give you a selected range of venues that matches exactly your budget and your requirements.

Alway trust your planner and please forget an All-inclusive-wedding-package: an Elopement deserve a total bespoke design and planning and a package will never give you such.


Don’t forget you are in Italy and that you are married! Spend your time visiting and enjoing this Country, full of history and genuine food, great people and trasform your elopement into an honeymoon!

Written by Frederick Jace

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