5 Tips for Styling Sundresses & How to Find a Great One for You

5 Tips for Styling Sundresses & How to Find a Great One for You

Coming up with outfits to wear every single day can be quite difficult, especially if you’re doing it in the morning, just when you wake up and when you’re still not your best self, do to speak. Most of the times, you’ll just put on whatever clean and tidy you can find. Other times, though, when you have the energy, you’ll put quite a lot of effort into creating an outfit that will look perfect on you.

What if there are outfits, though, that will definitely look perfect on you, but that won’t require much effort for you to style it? Well, there actually is. A sundress. This piece of clothing is known for being sort of life-saving in those situations when you don’t really know what to wear and you don’t have much time to decide. And, the best thing about them is that women of any age can wear them, as long as they know how to style them. It’s completely normal for women over, say, 50, to style these items differently than women in their 20s, and you can get some ideas on how to do that here.

While it’s clear that this piece of clothing is quite easy to wear most of the times, as you simply put it on and start going about your day, you’d probably like to have some more styling options when it comes to these. Sometimes, you may simply need a change of routine and of the same and ordinary outfits you’re wearing, and if there’s a chance to make the change with the very items that you own, then you’ll gladly take it. Sundresses absolutely allow you to style them in different ways, meaning that you’ll get to be creative with them and design outfits that you and everyone around you will love, if you simply learn how to do that.

Learning how to do that is probably your goal now, and it is also what I will help you with below. Apart from that, if you don’t really own any sundresses at all, or if you don’t have enough of them and you’re planning on doing some shopping soon, you’ll also want to know how to actually find a great sundress for yourself. And, that’s another question that I’ll answer for you, hoping to make it easier for you to do the shopping and to find sundresses that you’ll absolutely love.

Tips for Styling Sundresses

Beginning with the more significant issue, you need to learn how to style your sundresses. Apart from, of course, simply throwing it on and calling it a day. Nobody is saying that just throwing these dresses on and being done with your outfit is bad, though, because they are created to be worn that way, but if you’re looking for some new ideas, because that old one bored you or for some other reasons you may have, you’ll find them if you read on.

Get some more tips on how to wear these dresses: 

  1. Pair With Heels

Running errands and completing all of your obligations that you have around the town during the day requires you to wear comfortable shoes. So, if you’re not used to them, you most likely won’t go for a pair of heels. On the other hand, when you’re going out in the evening, or attending an event that has a specific dress code, you’ll definitely want to wear heels, and pairing them with your sundress can make quite an impression. If you’d like to look a bit taller even during the day when running those errands, you can always go for a bulky heel.

  • Go for a Patterned One

Have you been buying solid sundresses by now, or floral ones for example? Most of us love such clothing pieces and I am sure that you do to. How about, though, making a slight change to your style and starting to play around with patterns? Wearing a patterned sundress can undeniably be an amazing idea, and there’s no doubt you’ll find the patterns that work well for you, that is, that look great on your body type and that fit in with your general style and preferences.

  • Under a Cardigan

Throwing on a cardigan over your sundress can make it more professional, as well as more suitable for those chilly evenings that you might want to spend outside. Naturally, being careful when choosing the cardigan that should go with your dress is a must, because you don’t want to get the colors all wrong. As long as you select the right color, though, you’ll be perfectly happy with your overall look.

  • Or a Blouse

Would you like to turn your dress into a skirt? Leave those scissors down, because that’s not what I had in mind. Simply wearing a blouse over your sundress can turn it into a whole new outfit, while also providing you with an extra layer, should you need it if the weather gets colder.

  • Remember Some Jewelry

Jewelry makes all outfits stand out. So, shop for some necklaces, earrings and bracelets if you don’t already have those you like. Wear those with your sundresses to turn some heads in your direction, but be careful about how you’re styling it all, because there is such a thing as too many jewelry pieces.

How to Find a Great One for You

Visiting The Mint Julep Boutique and similar places will make it clear that you’ll have quite a lot of choices to make when shopping for these clothing items. Longer, shorter, A-line, V-line, floral, solid, patterned? Just some of the decisions you’ll need to make.

Wanting to find a great outfit, you’ll need to think about what will flatter your body type the most. Go for those styles that you know will look great on your body, but feel free to experiment a bit as well. And, last but not least, make sure to do your shopping at a reliable and trusted boutique.

Written by Enaa Mari

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