5 Tips on Lightning Dashboards and Reports for Salesforce New Users

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One of the most important activities at business management levels is preparing reports. The major factor why modern-day organizations tend to use platforms like Salesforce is to get an instant understanding of how their teams perform in just a few clicks. Salesforce platform known as Salesforce lightning offers many such features for analysts, executives, experts, and clients to tell stories about the data and help with the reports. Lightning Dashboards are the collaboration of technologies for the Salesforce Platform. The big ones in it are:


  • Lightning Experience, which is an innovative UI for Salesforce.
  • And lightning Design System as the CSS framework and library to build Lightning apps.
  • Lightning Framework, which is a JavaScript framework to create applications and components.


These tools to build Lightning Components are power applications, which run on the Lightning Experience. You can also easily write a single application and run it on various platforms: web, mobile, and salesforce. The lightning Dashboards experience are the wonderful interface for entire Salesforce installations. This is a wonderful upgrade of the previous Salesforce Classic view by incorporating a brand-new appearance and modern functionality to the Salesforce Platform.


This article will discuss some important tips for you to assess the dashboards and Lightning reports progressively. If you are new to Salesforce, then these tips will help you achieve your goals at best. If you are already on Salesforce Lightning, you can refresh your knowledge and explore some new features you may not be aware of.


Usage of interactive filters


If you have different groups, which are separated by geography, functions, or industry, then lightning reports will facilitate the choice of many interactive filters. You can see these reports based on various timespan, sales groups, or other groups to enable performance and workflow. Suppose you are constructing a global dashboard that can be accessed by various supervisors’ levels in various jobs. In that case, the visual comparison of the performance of different groups can be advantageous.


You can also easily utilize the filters on the dashboard to switch between different views. Another great feature you can explore is the source of data sharing in different jobs in a progressive system. A country manager who is up in the role hierarchy can get all information for his region as to the performance of different groups belonging to that country. To create dashboard filters, you need to follow the following steps.


  • First, click on the ‘+’ filter tab and search for attributes you want to add to the filter.


  • Put a name for your filter which you want to display on the dashboard.


  • If you want to display some text, which is different from the value given by default on Salesforce, you may input multiple display text.


Stack summaries


Stack summaries come as default with the Lightning Report Builder. As Flosum experts point out, you can have a faster review and evaluation. The clients can easily summarize a huge number of summaries with Stack. Suppose you want to display a bigger number of opportunities that are closed successfully. You can see the record of computation by different sites and all opportunity holder and subtotal counts, etc.


Building reports using rows and columns


Lightning dashboards and reports will allow the users to choose which rows and columns needed to be displayed. You can swap options for columns and rows available to view, which works the best. For example, suppose you create reports and choose your rows as opportunity order and the columns as opportunity revenue. In that case, while creating reports, you may recognize the number of suitable opportunities on display as columns to print the remaining files in the report. To save time, you can hit the swap rows and columns button rather than dragging and dropping each field turn-by-turn to make this change.


Creating dynamic reports using the going filter


Lightning Report has a dynamic report generating option, which is an amazing feature and lets the users view the reports with different filters. You can do it without doing any editing.Users can easily adjust any field filter with the filter function based on their choice even after the report is run. For example, access to a report can be provided to you across the association’s top management. Simultaneously, the shareholders within a particular management team may toggle different opinions and interpretations of the reports by themselves based on their interests.


Instead of saving various reports, you can create a filter for the report, which is the easiest way, and leave the filter value option blank. With this approach, users can create dynamic reports in which the spectators can enter their filters and run the report quickly. The major structure or theme of the reports can be prevented from any editing by other users.


Setting up light or dark mode for Salesforce lightning dashboards


In the Lightning Reports, another amazing option is to customize different dashboard components.Two modes are generally light and dark, which can be applied per module. There is also a different color palette; which you can choose to customize the most significant one as drawn by the spectators. For example, you can create several dashboards for the sales departments. To display the most eye-catchy view for dashboards by displaying the actual income versus the target income, you can go to the properties and choose a different dashboard theme or pallet by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.


In summary, you can make use of all these crucial tips, which we covered in the article, to tweak your dashboard progressively on Salesforce Lightning. By utilizing these features, you can achieve your goals better and become more successful as a Salesforce user. You can also make use of the datain the most effective manner; and it can tell you a better story based on your needs. It will ensure that you operate things smoothly without hassles in any aspect to get the best.


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