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Emails are the first-rate option of connecting in modern parlance. In the digital era, to be specific, an individual has two addresses- the first one is a residential address and the other is an email address. So when we are talking about connecting with people, organizations, agencies, or a group, etc., email address becomes the first choice by default. Social media platforms are good ways of connecting people, but they do not serve some specific purposes that email addresses do. People may choose not to have a social media handle, but they will not skip email addresses for many reasons. 

Emails are primary means of communication that serve extensively in job applications, connecting with old friends and relatives, sales and purchase receipts, order confirmation, automatic shipment notifications, B2B communications, employer-employee communications, connecting with e-commerce platforms or any website, both in Govt. and Corporate offices, etc. Today one must have an email id for any official communication as the world has already started shifting from postal to digital. In the pandemic and post-pandemic world, emails have no substitute as physical contacts are being discouraged to every possible extent. 

In this post, we mull over top 5 user-friendly email lookup for free sites to make your life easy. 

  1. SearchPeopleFree 

When it comes to email lookup for free with great accuracy, SearchPeopleFree is the most trusted site at your service. Forgetting email-ids or phone numbers is a common phenomenon. It is a very user-friendly and free of cost website. Just by entering a name or phone number, the site will furnish a lot of information, including an email id, in a matter of seconds. It keeps track of your past searches too. Therefore, no relevant information is lost. These features make this tool score over its competitors. 

On this free people search engine, users can access property records, contact information, relatives, known associates, DOB of a person. So a lot of things are obtained under one umbrella. In SearchPeopleFree, users can also do a reverse lookup by phone number or name. This is the best destination for email lookup as its massive database contains records of over 700 million people that you can access effortlessly and conveniently. 

  1. Hunter

As the name suggests, Hunter gives you access to across one hundred million-plus emails indexed in perfect order on their database. You have first to download Hunter’s Chrome extension and visit the site to hunt down your search. It hunts for you the emails and other contact information. Suppose you are looking for an individual in a particular domain, it becomes effortlessly convenient to get hold of the information in a matter of seconds. 

Hunter performs the best search operations for you to look up the email of the actual person you are looking for, employing all possible permutation and combination techniques. Doing so makes it sure that you do not land up getting a wrong email of another person. One of the best features of this email lookup site is its data transparency for which it uses public sources as well.

  1. Clearbit connect

This site is best known for its user-friendliness, speed, ease of use when looking up a business email. It allows users to narrow down the search by any means they are most compatible with. You can enjoy the service of this site through your Gmail inbox or through the web browser. This site is highly reliable as it is intuitive due to its strong AI character, which is easy going with the users. You have to feed the domain name and a few specific details of the concerned person or group to get hold of the accurate information like the role of the individual, industry location, size of the company, etc.

  1. Google

Does this search engine need an introduction? Google is super massive in all aspects, let alone its data-mining potential. You just type in something, and Google will bring on the platter before you all that is available on this planet and beyond. It searches across all networks and provides you with one particular email or a list of emails against your search. It even predicts the search options at the very initial stage of your typing! What can be more user-friendly than Google! It is impossible not to find an email address or contact information that has crossed the path of Google. Simply the best in free email lookup.

  1. Contactout

It is not that easy to earn a spot in the Fortune 500. Contactout has the distinction of figuring in the Fortune’s list of 500, having garnered 76% trust votes. It is highly proficient in finding anyone’s personal email and contact information. Being the world’s one of the best recruiting intelligence, their accuracy of collecting information is significantly extraordinary. This email lookup site verifies email addresses thrice to offer the most accurate results. It has a 97% accuracy rating. 

Wrap up

Undeniably, emails are integral to communication in today’s world. Especially in the standard mode of communication, email replaced its postal counterpart decades ago and contrary to what many would like to believe, email isn’t dead yet. 

Emails score over other digital modes of communications like WhatsApp, Fb messenger and others for multiple reasons. Furthermore, they are secured, offer greater privacy and are a legitimate means of communication. This list of user-friendly email lookup sites will undoubtedly help you if you are ready to use their service and make the best use of it. 

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