6 Reasons Why You Must Hire a Lawyer In a Commercial Vehicle Accident Case

Commercial vehicle accidents can be devastating for the victims, as they have a large weight and size and can cause catastrophic damage. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in 2020, around 4,842 large commercial trucks were involved in fatal accidents nationwide. Since Denver is the most populous city in Colorado, it relies heavily on the commercial trucking industry to transport products and goods. So, a large truck adds to the traffic, thus increasing the risk of an accident.

If you or a loved one is involved in an accident, commercial vehicle accident attorneys can represent your rights as a victim and help you get compensation for your suffering. Also, check out the six reasons below, which show why hiring an attorney is a great choice.

They Establish Liability

Commercial vehicle accidents are complicated because multiple parties, such as the driver, trucking company, mechanic, etc., can be held liable. It is vital to identify who is liable so that you can proceed with your claims. A commercial vehicle accident lawyer extensively researches, collects evidence, and finds the liable party.

Negotiate with Several Partners

After the lawyer has established the liability, it is time to negotiate. If several parties are liable, your lawyer can negotiate with each of them, get you a settlement, and maximize your compensation.

Protect Your Rights and Fight for Non-Economic Damages

Insurance companies try hard to avoid paying you and can use your words against you. However, your lawyer saves you from saying anything wrong. Also, they build your case so that they can prove that you have suffered from mental stress and anxiety due to your suffering and get you non-economic damages.

They Help in Identifying The Damages

It can be challenging to identify the damages in a commercial vehicle accident. And the damages may not be apparent immediately. For example, if you suffer from life-changing injuries, you might not be sure whether you will fully recover from them.

In that scenario, you will have to face huge medical expenses, rehab, and therapy for a longer period, and you will have to get damages for medical expenses. Also, you might be unable to return to work, so lost wages and damages come along.

The Insurance Company Can Offer Less

Every lawyer will tell you never to sign or say anything in the absence of your lawyer. Insurance companies also gather evidence, and they decide who is at fault. After that, they might offer you compensation; however, if you accept that offer, you cannot file a lawsuit. Insurance companies always try to pay less; even if you feel the amount is big enough, the lawyer can get you more.

The Trucking Industry has Several Rules

The agencies, such as the DOT and FMCSA, regulate the commercial vehicle and trucking industries. They have a set of rules that every driver must follow. For example, there are fixed working hours, and if any driver is working overtime, they have violated the rules. Experienced lawyers have a thorough knowledge of these rules that will benefit you.


Summing up, being involved in a commercial vehicle accident not only takes a toll on your physical health but also on your mental health. Dealing with the legal process can add to the stress. In this situation, your lawyer can deal with the insurance company and the trucking company on your behalf and guide you through every step.

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