6 Ways to Add Value to Your Property

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There are many benefits to owning a property, and having the freedom to upgrade your living space without worrying about a security deposit is one of them. When you own your home, you can decorate or modify this space as you like, but if you are planning to do some renovation work, you should think about how these updates could add value to your property as well as styling it to suit your taste. Below are 6 examples of the kinds of home improvements that are worth considering to boost your property’s value.

1.   New Floors

Scuffed wood and threadbare carpets will always make your home look rundown and will need replacing to improve the aesthetics, but they could also help to increase your home’s value if you make the right choices. Hardwood floors are gorgeous in both period and modern homes and add a touch of luxury that could help see your home’s price tag rise. They will require the proper care and attention, however, if you want to maintain their value. You can find tips on how to maintain wood flooring online fairly easily if you have never had them before. Stone flooring or beautiful tiles will also look wonderful in kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways if you want a rustic touch that will still add value. Underfloor heating is also worth considering, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms, where the floors are usually colder to the touch.

2.   Spa-inspired Bathroom

Not everyone can afford to take a weekend trip to the spa whenever they need some downtime, but why travel elsewhere when you can do this at home? Spa-inspired bathrooms are a lovely feature to have in your home to enjoy when you have had a long day. Think walk-in showers, deep bathtubs to soak in, and perhaps even a steam shower feature for a fabulous, calming detox? Adding some houseplants can also help to add to the ambiance. You may also want to think about including some modern features like a smart shower to help reduce water and energy wastage, as these are very desirable features to have for the environmentally conscious.

3.   Eco-friendly Upgrades

Speaking of the environment…eco-friendly upgrades to your property are certainly worth looking at. Not only will future buyers want to see these features, but it will mean that you are doing your bit to help combat climate change. Solar panels, air-source heat pumps, improved insulation, double glazing, smart thermostats are all great examples of big and smaller eco-friendly changes you can make to your home that will boost its value, too.

4.   A Gorgeous Garden

While the interiors of your home are important, so are the outdoor spaces you own. It doesn’t matter if your garden is big or small; making sure that it is properly maintained is key if your want your home to retain its value. Investing some time and money in styling your garden will also help to boost your income when and if you do come to sell your current home. A patio or decking will always make a lovely spot to sit and enjoy the sunshine in the summer months, especially if you turn this area into an entertaining space with comfortable chairs and a BBQ. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend tending to your garden, choose low-maintenance plants to make it easier for yourself.

5.   Modern Kitchen

Just like a stunning bathroom is an ideal home feature, so is having a beautiful kitchen that is well-equipped with modern features. If your kitchen could be bigger, consider getting an extension. The more space to prepare meals, store pots, and pans, even entertain guests when they are over for dinner, the better. Kitchen islands are particularly lovely features to have, but a large fridge-freezer, smart oven, and dishwasher will all be perfect, too. Granite or stone worktops will add a smart, luxurious touch that will look good in both modern and vintage/country style kitchens.

6.   Attic Conversion

If you need more space in your home, most people will think about getting an extension. However, if you can’t get the planning permission you need to do this, you’ll have to think of an alternative option. Attic conversions can be the perfect solution to this, particularly if you aren’t using it for storage. These can sometimes be more cost-effective than an extension too, which is why they are so popular. Whether it’s a guest bedroom, home office, extra bathroom, or a den to escape to, there are many things you can transform your attic space into with a conversion.

If you want to improve your living space while adding value to your property, consider the suggestions above and see which ones would work best for you.

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