7 Features That You Must Know When Using Spotify

7 Features That You Must Know When Using Spotify

Spotify is known for a music application that offers high-quality and most updated music lists. It also makes song discovery extremely easy while also making it easy to listen to the songs you already love. Those functions are enough for the masses to avail themselves. According to the current statistics, there are over 165 million Spotify premium subscribers worldwide, and it is increasing drastically as the years pass by. With that massive number of users, the company guarantees to offer the best user experience by adding numerous exceptional features. 

What are these features? Spotify offers several valuable features. It is a lot to the point that some are being overlooked. If you are new to the Spotify community or just getting to know more about this app, this article will be your guide to using Spotify. 

Delete History

There are a lot of reasons for deleting a Spotify history. It can be for space-saving or just because of your personal preference. Regardless of that, learning how to delete recently played on Spotify is a very easy task to do.

To remove an item from your “Recently Played” list, you need to click the infamous three-dot menu symbol. Select “Remove From Recently Played” from the selections menu that appears. The system will immediately remove the item from the “Recently Played” list when you click the button. You can easily do this within a minute.

Recover Playlist

If you erase a playlist that you later realize you should have retained, don’t worry because it is not permanently deleted. Log in to your Spotify account through the website rather than the online player, select the Recover Playlists link on the left, and then you’ll find playlists that you’ve recently removed. To restore any of them, click Restore. Your deleted playlists are preserved on this website for 90 days until they are permanently removed, giving you plenty of time to rethink and reconsider.

Create a Group Playlist

Friends that make a playlist together definitely will stay together. If you want to create a playlist where you and your friends can modify the content, then Collaborative Playlist is for you. You can accomplish this by right-clicking on the playlist you have created and select “Collaborative Playlist.” After you’ve done so, an icon will show up beside the name of your playlist, indicating that anyone with access to it can add or remove their favorite tracks.

Start a Group Session

If you frequently share songs with friends, Spotify has a function that allows you to create a unified listening experience that can accommodate up to five people. It’s similar to Facebook’s Watch Party, except it’s for music.

To use it, start streaming a song and then hit the icon that looks like a speaker on the bottom left of your screen. Following that, you’ll notice an option to create a Group Session where you can listen to music in real-time with your peers. Once you tap the Start Session button, you can invite people using a copied link or send them an invite through messaging apps.

Customize Streaming Quality

Spotify Premium users may enable “high-quality streaming” from the desktop Preferences menu, which plays tracks at 320 kbps rather than the regular rate of 160 kbps, thus making music sound better. To save data, songs on mobile automatically play at a lower bit rate of 96 kbps. Of course, all users can increase that value to 160 kbps, and premium customers can also use the 320 kbps level. Just be mindful that a higher bit rate will exhaust your mobile data limit faster than the standard bit rate.

If the sound quality doesn’t matter to you, and streaming at a high bitrate isn’t an option due to cellular data use concerns, you can instead enable Data Saver under Options. This function allows you to stream your music at a low bit rate of 24 kbps when streaming over cellular. When you reconnect to a Wi-Fi network, Spotify will adjust your audio quality to standard again.

Play Restricted Songs

Do you know that the Spotify App imposes country restrictions? Most likely not, because you can’t see them. The first step in gaining access to those tracks is determining their location. To do so, browse to the “Settings” menu in Spotify, scroll down to “Display Options,” and enable the “Show Unavailable Songs in Playlists” option. You can now see the grayed-out restricted tracks. To add these tunes to your library, look for MP3 files on the internet and store them in your phone or computer’s library. Return to the “Settings” menu, navigate to the “Local Files” section, and enable “Show Local Files.” Those songs you saved to your phone will now be available for playback through the app.

Make Use of the Daily Mix

Assuming you’re still a Spotify listener, you’ll want to take advantage of the playlists Spotify creates for you, which can provide a fuller experience than creating playlists yourself. Your library’s first entry is a category called Made for You, which features a weekly playlist. There is also a roundup of latest releases that Spotify thinks you should be familiar with and a series of daily mixes significantly inspired by what you’ve previously been listening to. Furthermore, an annual playlist of the top tracks you listened to during the calendar year may serve as a nice stroll down memory lane, the audio counterpart of “one year ago” from other apps.

Benefits of Using Spotify Premium 

No More Shuffle-Only Mode

The primary reason you should step up to a Spotify Premium is its ability to play any tracks you want. By using the free version, you’re forced to listen in shuffle mode and have no other choice but to listen to the entire playlist. With Spotify Premium on your phone, you can switch tracks from one genre to another.

Listen Offline

Do you want to jam out on your daily commute while crammed into a train in a tunnel with no mobile service? Spotify Premium allows users to download up to 10,000 tracks to listen to when you’re not connected to the internet or just want to reduce your data consumption. You can download songs on up to five different devices at the same time.

Unlimited Skips

Spotify’s free service only offers a limited number of skips when listening to a shuffled selection of songs. With a Premium subscription, you can skip as many songs as you want.

The Bottom Line

Spotify has become one of the essential apps on our phones. We use this app when we want to relax, boost the mood, and even when we are sentimental, songs from Spotify will be the ones to count on. So whether you’re new to this music-streaming service or a seasoned playlist-er, those pointers listed above can surely help you get the most out of your next listening session.

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