7 Important Things You Must Know About the French Bulldogs

7 Important Things You Must Know About the French Bulldogs

You cannot deny the spectacular popularity of little French bulldogs. Not only because celebrities love them, but there is a strange appeal of the Frenchie adorable dogs that many people admire. In earlier times they were excellent ratters. But now they are a full-fledged family dog and a gentle lapdog.

Looking for French Bulldogs for sale? There are certain things that you need to learn before buying one for your home. Learning about French bulldogs is fascinating for many dog-enthusiast in the world. In fact, if you are going to buy a dog, then you try to know all about French Bulldogs and their traits. This breed’s history is closely connected with the social and political events of Europe. This purebred dog is happy, social, and entertaining.

  • The French bulldogs aren’t French 

The origin of the French bulldogs has nothing to do with France. But they are named French because of a historical context. These bulldogs came from British bulldog families. The larger bulldogs in Britain were used for bull-baiting before the game was allowed. After the game got banned, the British breeders started breeding smaller bulldogs. And that is how the Frenchie came to the world. Since then, the small bulldogs have become excellent house dogs in the country. 

  • The incredible history of French bulldogs

French bulldogs started their journey in early 19th century Britain. At that time, Europe was going through the industrial revolution. This toy-sized breed had become a favorite to many natives of England. The lace workers in Nottingham city used to keep the little French bulldogs in their lap to keep their bodies warm while they used to work in extreme cold. When better opportunities came to France, those workers migrated there. They took their little lap dogs with them, and that’s how the French bulldogs entered France. 

  • The ‘bat ear’ look

The French bulldog didn’t always get their signature look with pointy sharp bat-ears. The original look is similar to the English bulldog. They had curly and rose-shaped ears which were soft and not sharp at all. The French bulldog got the Frenchie to look in America. The American breeders had affection for pointy ears. They perfected the bat ear over time with continuous breeding. Right now, the whole world praises the sharp ears of the French bulldogs.

  • The test-tube population of French bulldogs

Since the French bulldogs have an unusual proportion, the natural copulation process is harder for the breed. The male dogs find it difficult to reach the female organs. Also, this breed is sensitive to heat and cannot hold the patience for the process too. That is a prime reason why a large population of Frenchie dogs comes from test tubes in labs.

Many breeders go for artificial insemination to retain the purebred. The females, on the other hand, find it extremely difficult to give natural birth for the same reasons. Many owners take their dear Frenchie for a C-section.

  • They can’t swim

Most dogs in the world are natural swimmers and have great potential to swim for a long time. The Frenchie is rare in this group too. They cannot swim at all. Even if they get into the water, they barely can keep themselves floating. Their body proportion is to take the blame here too.

Because they have extremely short muzzles, they need to tilt their head up a lot to stay above the water. Sometimes, they have to tilt their body completely to keep themselves floating. So, it is next to impossible for them to be naturally good swimmers.

  • Problem in flying

The French bulldog is susceptible to severe breathing issues. Their facial structure makes it hard for them to breathe in different situations. So, many airlines have banned Frenchie to get on board.

  • Celebrity fan following 

Hollywood loves Frenchie. Lady Gaga, Hugh Jackman, Leonardo Di Caprio, David Beckham are some of the many superstars who are quite fond of their French bulldogs.

The French bulldogs are one of the most expensive dogs to have. They are costly to maintain also. But this rare breed is a joy that only the owner or the family understands. This intelligent, entertaining, and happy dog is one of the most popular dogs in the world.          


Written by Addison Taylor

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