7 Innovative Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling Business to Attract More Clients

How To Use Fixtures In Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the key highlight of the house, but its visual appearance is often overlooked. Consequently, the flat or house price plummets without your notice.

Most businesses fail to recognize that every customer has unique bathroom design preferences. And yes, you have to serve personalized ideas to every potential client.

It is necessary to build a strong online presence and gather as much customer data as possible. This strategy can turn them to visit your websites for their modeling needs. The bathroom remodeling industry is crowded due to both local and global competition.

Individuals are also embarking on designing or transforming their bathrooms. It is because innovative information such as DIY is supplied on social media platforms.

It is difficult for a business to get attention in this complicated situation. Yet opportunities are available to you to increase your visibility to the customers.

Creative Ideas to Attract Your Customer and Boost Business Growth

  • Create a Website Offering Maximum Customization

The establishment of a business website is a basic marketing strategy to attract customers. Providing different features such as customization plays to your advantage over other competitors.

You can start with the expansion of the website customization features. To help you enhance the client experience on your website, here are some pointers:

  • Allow the customers to play with different bathroom elements on your website. Let them add bathroom pictures, wallpaper, or floating shelves.
  • Allow customers to choose bathroom elements and see how each one adds value to their space. Then they can upload bathroom photos and decorate them with your products.
  • Work on the aesthetics of your homepage. It makes sure to boost the first impression of your company. An appealing, user-friendly, and customized website grows customer engagement and conversion rate.
  • Make the service page visible to the customers. Suppose you offer many services like plumbing repair or installation. Then you can create different service pages.
  • Highlight detail of your company along with your achievements on the about page. People are curious about who they are taking service from.
  • Put a clear contact page so that customers know how they can reach you.
  • Prove Your Knowledge of Bathroom Trends

Present the latest trendy ideas to the customers before your competitors can. Learn the most demanding style, color, and bathroom layout and attract customers.

Offer natural colors or wallpaper to bring an organic and spa-like ambiance. Show creative ways to set up a walk-in shower, basin, or freestanding tubs. Or help customers achieve elegance with monochrome, metallic glamor, or biophilic style.

Update your website and social media with unique walk-in shower ideas. Help clients install doorless showers or shower tub combos to improve bathroom appearance.

Your content might also concentrate on standalone tubs to persuade buyers into remodeling. Modern freestanding tubs can be the focal point of your business as it has become the most demanding products lately.

However, people have limited knowledge about embellishing their bathrooms with tubs. You can show many sorts of bathroom design ideas. Do it by using acrylic tubs, solid surface tubs, or cast iron tubs effectively.

Using these tubs to design and present your bathroom can be beneficial. It will attract both economical and high-end customers.

Keep your customers aware of your unique and updated ideas that can create a significant difference in their homes.

  • Show Authentic Customer Experience

Good word of mouth is always better than showing your service, plans, or design. Attract new leads through existing customers. To do so, you can ask them to put a positive review on your website or social media pages.

You can also use your current customers to enhance the quality of your content. You can film the interview with satisfied customers after the remodeling project. So ask your customers to upload videos on how your stand alone tub and shower have bought comfort in their lives.

Encourage customers to post photos and reviews on your website and social media. Existing customers and their reviews generate maximum leads for a business. The authentic response from your customers is more relatable.

Many customers love to post positive reviews on social media and credit their remodelers. You can also ask your clients to share stories showing their improved experience. This can make you stand alone in a crowd of related companies.

  • Create Engaging Content

Customers find it more personal when they can relate to your content. So you must research your target customers. 

You can analyze social media or website search history to create engaging content. Share informative blogs on your website and social media to attract customers. How?

  • You can build up creative blogs that reserve customers’ problems. For example, you can create a blog about “inexpensive ways to make a bathroom sustainable.”
  • Show the customers transformational videos or photos. Customers will notice how your service can improve the look of their bathroom.
  • Organize your gallery page and add stories about the bathroom conversion process. A lot of remodelers now upload time-lapse videos of bathroom remodeling.
  • You can make your leads visit your website and pages more with such kinds of engaging stories.
  • People are now more eco-friendly, minimalist, or sustainable in their bathroom renovation ideas. Therefore you can earn yourself more leads by offering services that support sustainability.
  • Get Your Audience Entertained

Do you know you can increase lead conversion by engaging your clients? Yes, you heard it right. It is the most effective way to attract prospective clients. You can use social media to create content that customers will enjoy watching.

The contents can be entertaining and informative at the same time. Your content can include videos, infographics, or photos of bathroom remodeling. You can link those contents to your website to get more leads.

Make infographics about “Do’s and Don’t’s using marble floor.” Or create music videos on the entire process of installing freestanding tub accessories.

Create a challenge video and ask customers to recreate and upload it with a hashtag you choose. This strategy produces a snowballing effect making your content trending on social media. This effort can boost your brand and website traffic.

  • Leverage Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to obtaining traffic on the website, SEO is the best solution for marketers. Learn the phrases your target clients use to search for bathroom remodeling services.

To get your website on Google’s first page, you must knuckle down the following factors –

  • Sites security
  • User-friendliness
  • Quality content
  • Optimized image
  • User experience
  • Optimize Your Pinterest, Instagram, and Houzz Account

Utilize your photo-centric social platforms to stay connected with your customers. Using this platform, you can show off your most elegant and stylish bathroom remodeling.

You can add value to your brand image by being active on these social media. People will visit your website and page when they find your remodeling ideas unique. And they will share your photos on their own profile, which will increase your visibility.

But don’t forget to link your website to every photo you upload on the social media platform.

  • Start Personalized Marketing 

Identify leads who are likely to get bathroom remodeling services. Collect customer data looking for new selves, toilet or freestanding tub accessories, etc.

Also, learn who is searching for repair services or plumbing. Upon getting the required data, send an email to the right people. The email should not only contain basic info about your service. You need to attach information or tips to induce customers to visit your website.


Attracting customers for hiring bathroom remodeling is not hard when you know them. Accurate customer data allows you to design effective marketing strategies. 

Utilize your imagination, connection, and social media to prove your competency. Your every creative idea will encourage customers to hire your bathroom remodeling service.

Written by Frederick Jace

A passionate Blogger and a Full time Tech writer. SEO and Content Writer Expert since 2015.

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