7 Serveware Ideas To Impress Your Guests

Food is an amazing way to bond with your friends and family; cooking for others is also a form of love language. Usually, we only focus on the variety of cuisines and the recipes. But in a world with an increased urge to Instagram everything, you must pay attention to the presentation as well. You should never hesitate to go the extra mile for your perfect dinner night. Hosting comes with a lot of challenges and tasks. But you must enjoy the fun parts of it and make it a lot more memorable. You might be wondering how that can be made possible? The answer to your curiosity is serveware. 

You can buy the most beautiful serveware pieces to enhance your dinner table. With proper resin accented cheeseboards, serving boards, breadboards, baguette boards, resin coasters, cheese knife sets, and so much more! At Lynn and Liana, you can choose your style and get your servers customized according to your kitchen color and kitchen designs. Your guests will leave very impressed! Besides being a formula for an outstanding host, it can also be the perfect gift for coworkers, friends, and also an ideal corporate Christmas gift.

  • Bamboo Round Serving Trays:

Dimensions| 15 3|4”

Diameter| 1 3|4” height

Price| USD 149.95

Lynn and Liana are more popularly known for their resin products. Resin is a polymer and a  precursor material with certain additional chemical elements. With this specific material, there can be many different and beautiful art pieces created on different canvases. Similarly, the Bamboo Round Serving Tray has beautiful and mesmerizing designs on top of it made with resin. It comes in different color combinations:

  • Navy, white, and metallic
  • Black, white, and gold
  • Rasberry, white, and gold
  • Ocean vibes
  • Emerald jewel
  • Teal, white, and gold
  • White, gray, and gold

You can select the colors that go perfectly with your kitchen, the food you will serve, your homeware, and so on. This bamboo tray has the potential to be one of the best breakfast trays of your life. Also, this round tray can be a good serving tray to serve drinks to your guests.

  • Large Acacia Cheese Boards:

Dimensions with Handle| 10″W x 20″L x ¾” H.

Price| USD 99.95

Serves| 4-6 people

This is a one-of-a-kind serving board which can be used not only as an immaculate cutting board but also as a serving board for cheese platters. If you are into charcuterie boards then this is the best thing to add to your kitchen tools. You can arrange cheese, meat, and bread on this beautiful meat and cheese board. Besides being a wonderful serveware, it can be an outstanding choice if you are looking for gift ideas. You must be wondering why is that? Firstly, because of the lovely color choices offered at LynnLiana. Secondly, the price is so reasonable! Also, it fits in the description of a decent and thoughtful corporate Christmas gift. Do visit the website and take a good look at the Acacia Cheese Boards. 

  • Cedar and Resin Coasters:

Price| USD 39.95

Set of| 4 pieces

Size| 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 5|16″

This particular product is undoubtedly a masterpiece! Despite being one of the smallest products in size at LynnLiana, it is one of the most significant. They have paired up small cedar slabs with the magical potion of epoxy resin. This way you get to bring a little touch of outdoors to your table inside. Your guests will inevitably notice and praise them! These resin coasters will add an enchanting touch of decoration to your houseware. Moreover, they will also save your kitchen counter and your tabletops from spillovers and hot mugs. Besides being a statement product as a server for your drinks, it can be the perfect gift for coworkers. The reasonable price and simplicity of the product make it an easy purchase for all. Do give it a look!

  • Acacia Bread Boards:

Price| USD 109.95

Dimensions| 12” W x 18” L

Serves| 6-8 people

Acacia breadboards is another one of LynnLiana’s finest pieces. What makes this one stand out is the fact that it is made from the best quality acacia hardwood. Mixed with some resin epoxy it comes out looking like a piece of art. You can use it for your comfortable night in bed with snacks and even use it as serveware for cheese platters or some simple sandwiches. It is so convenient to use! This serving board will bring blissful vibes to your home.

  • Challah Boards:

Price| USD 104.95

Dimensions| 12” W x 18” L

Serves| 6-8 people

The Challah boards are handmade exclusively from the unique Canadian Maple. They are topped with exquisite resin patterns to create an enriching addition to your serveware. One thing that makes this board stand out from the rest: is the engraving of a Hebrew saying ‘Shabbat Shalom’. This enchanting engraving will be a delight to look at! What an inventive and pleasant idea. You must give it a try and make the best use of this wooden serving board. This serveware idea will be unmatched.

  • Vegan Leather Placemats:

Price| USD 9.95

Diameter| 14.75 inches

Lynn and Liana’s majestic designs can be found on another item besides serving trays and wooden boards: their vegan leather placemats. This product will upgrade your kitchen decor and add the perfect pop of color to your dining table. You can place matching or similar placemats for every guest with their cutlery on top of it. They will be a treat to look at! It goes without saying: you can add these to your list of gift ideas too.

  • Round Cheese Paddle Acacia Boards:

Price| $99.95

Sale price| $74.95

Dimensions| 12” diameter 

Another innovative addition to Lynn and Liana’s wooden cheese acacia boards. But this one is one of the rounds serving trays instead of rectangular. You can blend these in with your other serveware and serve pizza on it. Visit the website to take a look at it.

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