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7 Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Cleaning Service

7 Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Cleaning Service

You want your house sparkling clean forever but you can’t spare the quantity of time it takes to keep it that way. It’s either you have a very tight work schedule or you have to spend more time caring for your kids. At this point, it is clear that you need to hire a qualified commercial cleaning Frisco TX.

It’s as easy as pie to get one off the internet, but the risk attached to hiring a cleaning service that will do the job to your taste is high. You’ll have to first battle with trusting the part-time or full-time maid with access to your house. Then you’ll also have to see if their service is worth your bucks.

To save you from the regrets of hiring an unqualified home cleaning professional, we’ve gathered helpful tips to guide you in selecting a home cleaning service that will give you value for your dollars.

Let’s dive right into it!

#1. Make Your Choice

Deciding to hire someone to clean your house, isn’t where the decision ends. You also have to choose whether you want a professional cleaning agency to do the job or an individual with cleaning experience. There are advantages and disadvantages to picking any of these options. 

A professional cleaning agency will guarantee that a cleaner shows up at your house every day. However, because they may send different housekeepers throughout your contract, you may not have the peace of mind that a cleaning service should provide you.

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On the other hand, it’s easier to develop a steady relationship with an individual cleaner. You can even decide whether you want a part-time maid or a full-time one. However, this option may be more costly.

#2. Ask for Recommendations

Getting a house cleaning professional is more of a personal affair than a public one, so it’s best to talk about it with the people in your lives. When you do so, you’re more likely to get recommendations from housekeepers that won’t disappoint. Family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues at the office are the best set of people to ask to recommend you a part-time maid or one that works full time, depending on your needs.

#3. Check for Reputation, Experience, and Accreditation

Even after you’ve received some fine recommendations from friends or family, there’s still some homework to do. You have to research the house cleaning agency you’ve chosen or the individual cleaner. Check for how long they’ve been in business, what the people they’ve offered their services have to say about them, and their accreditation if their industry requires accreditation.

#4. List Out Your Needs

When you decided to hire the service of a home cleaning service, you had cleaning needs. It’s time to get those needs down so that you can crosscheck it with what the cleaning agency or individual cleaner is offering. Besides, between the time you made the decision and the actual hiring, certain situations may have changed. You may have gotten a pet that you want the housekeeper to also take care of. You may even want your house to be cleaned less frequently than you first imagined.

#5. Access the Cleaning Agency’s Offering

Now, based on your cleaning need, you need to select a house cleaning agency that effortlessly satisfies your needs. If you one a one-time cleaning, the cleaning professionals must be an expert in that area. Are you looking to clean your house daily, weekly, or monthly, the cleaning agency should be able to cater to these. You may as well want a cleaning service that is close to you and have the right equipment for the kind of cleaning you need. Ensure that you know all the cleaning professionals are offering before you decide to hire them.

#6. Discover Whether the Cleaning Company is Bonded and Insured

When a cleaning company advertises itself as bonded, it implies that the company is protected from theft by its employees. You, on the other hand, aren’t protected. But when the cleaning company has both general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance, you are protected from damages done by the housekeeper, and the worker is protected as well from injuries they encounter while cleaning your house. If you choose to hire an individual part-time maid, you’ll have to take worker’s compensation for the maid. Ensure to ask for the cleaning company’s certificate of coverage if you’ll be going with a cleaning service.

#7. Ensure That the Cost is Friendly

The last thing you want is to pay through your nose to get your house cleaned. It’s good to check out online the standard rate that home cleaning companies charge and then compare it to what the company you’re selecting is offering. The cost of hiring a cleaner will vary by your need. If you choose to hire a cleaning company, you’ll be paying anything between $30 to $60 per cleaner on average. For independent contractors, however, it will cost you anywhere between $20 and $40 per hour on average. These figures will also depend on several factors like how frequently you want your house cleaned, the size of your house, and the provider of the cleaning supplies.

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Bonus Tip – Read the Cleaning Company’s Terms of Service

Not many of us like to read the terms and conditions of a service we’re receiving. However, there are certain terms in that contract that may not be favorable to you and will still be binding on you so long as you accept the terms. For example, some cleaning companies may charge you some fees if you cancel your cleaning agreement or change your service plan. If you don’t know about these policies, you will have a misunderstanding with the cleaning company when such a situation arises. If you know these policies, however, you are better prepared for any inconvenience.

Wrap Up

Selecting a cleaning company or individual cleaner that will satisfy you is largely dependent on you. You need to know what you want and be sure that the cleaning agency you’re selecting can meet your needs. Following these tips will go a long way to get you into an arrangement that you’ll love enough to recommend to someone else.

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