7 Ways to Take Family Reunion Pictures to Commemorate Your Event

7 Ways to Take Family Reunion Pictures to Commemorate Your Event

Do you have a family reunion coming up? Are you dreading stiff and boring photo sessions and blurry family photos? Why not try to take better family reunion pictures this year?

Taking good family reunion photos isn’t always easy, but it’s rewarding. You’ll get special keepsakes that you’ll love looking at for years to come! And to make those photos more special and memorable you can a create a customized photo on canvas with your own text and clip art.  You can have just one photo printed on canvas or a number of photos on separate canvases which you can hang on the wall next to each other or one below the other to make a multi-panel display.

We’re here to help you learn how to take better pictures at your next family reunion. Keep reading to learn more.

  1. Try Out Candid Photos

Getting good candid photos isn’t as easy as it looks. Even with quick phone cameras (or even nice cameras), a candid moment can turn into a blurry photo in the blink of an eye.

That said, candid photos are some of the best family reunion photos. They show people assembling and interacting in their natural environments. You can capture some seriously cute and tender moments if you’re quick with your camera.

To capture candid moments, you should always be on the lookout for the perfect shot. Make sure that your camera can capture photos quickly so you don’t give your subjects time to notice the camera and put on a “camera face.”

Capture moments like family members talking together, eating at the table, and even playing games. Stay out of sight and set the right camera settings ahead of time!

  1. Make It Fun

Speaking of playing games, incorporate fun moments into your family reunion to get better photos.

First, if we’re still discussing candid photos, make a fun activity that’s also a great photo opportunity. This can be a relay race, dress-up games for the children, or even a dance party for the whole family.

You want to capture people when they’re feeling happy and free, and incorporating fun activities is the best way to do that. What’s better than a photo of your family members enjoying themselves?

This is even effective for non-candid photo opportunities. While you may want to get a few photos before it’s time for the games to begin (after all, people will look their best before they play around), make time for photos right after the activity as well. You’ll capture people when they’re happy because they’ve just had a great time.

  1. Consider a Theme

Do you want a cheesy family reunion photo? Sure, these photos look silly, but they’re also fun and classic, so cheese it up.

Pick a theme for your photos. Avoid something basic like white shirts and blue jeans. This can look cohesive, but it isn’t interesting and it doesn’t make a good memory.

Instead, why not make tye-dye shirts for the occasion? You can even make them together at the beginning of the event and wear them at the end when they’ve dried off.

You could also pick a festive theme for holiday cards or a dress-up theme, like a “decades” party in which family members will dress from their favorite decade.

These themes will make great photo memories!

  1. Focus on The Camera (Not The Kids)

One of our top family reunion photo tips might be the most surprising. Adults should focus on the camera and try to ignore what the children are doing in the group photo.

If you’re the photographer or you’re setting up the photo, try to put something behind or above the camera that will attract the eyes of the children. Remember that you have to act fast, especially if there are toddlers involved.

Adults should focus on the camera. If they reach out and grab a child or try to talk to the child during the photo, they won’t be facing the camera anymore.

Remember that you can take as many photos as you need to to make sure that the kids are all looking appropriate.

  1. Use a Remote 

If you’re not using a professional photographer for your family reunion photos, use a remote instead of a timer.

You can get remote apps for many newer cameras that you can operate from your phone. You could also get an external remote for older cameras. This allows you to operate the camera from your spot in the family reunion photos.

But why is this a tactic for how to take better photos? When you use a timer, you won’t know for sure that the camera is in focus. When you use a remote,, especially one from an app, you can set the focus as soon as you want to take the photo even if you’re not behind the camera.

  1. Try Fun New Angles

Are you bored of traditional head-on family reunion pictures? Why not get photos from unique angles?

Why not try to get photos from a child’s perspective? Get an inexpensive camera (disposable cameras are great for this) and give it to a small child. Instruct them to take photos of the family. You’ll get photos from a low angle and you’ll see real reactions of family members looking at the child.

  1. Take Separate Groups

Too many people only take one massive group photo. Sure, this photo is important, but why stop there? How often do you get your entire family together in one place?

After taking the main photo, start taking group photos. You can take photos of individual families, pictures of all of the children together, sibling groups, and so on.

This gives everyone a variety of photos to use as they please and it’s a great way to get the most out of your family photo session.

Take Better Family Reunion Pictures Today

If you’re tired of blurry and boring family reunion pictures, try these tips! Learning how to take pictures at a family reunion is a trial and error process, but these tips will make it easier (and more fun).

Get your perfect snapshots at your next family reunion!

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