8 Professions a Laymen Should Be Grateful For

Any profession that does its job well and with enthusiasm deserves our admiration and respect, but there are some professions that simply deserve our gratitude. Many people choose to pursue these careers because they are motivated by a desire to serve and protect others.

Among the list of professions below aren’t just to be considered or deemed honorable. They actually help someone in need every day. However, these real-life heroes don’t always get credit for their efforts. Even if these professions weren’t recognized, the world wouldn’t be the same without them.

So without further ado, let’s read on to find out which of these professions can be labeled as the most honorable professions.

  1. Nurses

The nursing staff often witness patients at their most stressful, painful and difficult times. They listen, take care and provide comfort to those who are sick or hurting. Sometimes nurses deal with unavoidable tragedy and death. In addition, they work long and demanding hours. However, at the end of the day, nurses’ reward comes from being able to see a patient get well and go home because of their tireless efforts. While we may not always appreciate the needle poked in our arm by a nurse, we’ll all have had days in our lives when we made it through the day with a nurse’s help.

Nursing has always been, and to present, is the most trusted job, and rightly so. From their student life until the day they retire, nurses don’t leave even one stone unturned in caring for their patients. Despite their hardworking schedule, they continuously look for ways to improve their skills so they can provide better patient care. Many nurses, while doing their jobs, enroll in BSN to DNP programs online as they don’t want to continue providing care, along with pursuing their studies.

  1. Teachers

A teacher knows how to command the entire class with a single word. She believes in her students and encourages them, and pushes them to be the best they can be. It’s no secret that teachers aren’t the highest-paid professionals out there, but their work is rewarding in many other ways, too.

The odds are that if you think about the people who have influenced you most in your life, you will remember a teacher. Even if it’s way down the line, you will still remember a teacher who influenced you, believed in you or challenged you to do your best.

  1. Police Officers

While the sight of a police car chasing us in our rearview mirror may not be the most pleasing, we can’t deny the fact that they keep a society intact. We can be mean and rude about the police, but not until someone breaks into our homes or offices, and they show up at 5:00 in the morning to make sure that everything is okay.

We hear about a lot of police officers shooting or capturing people, but how often do we hear about officers being shot? Those who lose their lives on duty are also someone’s loved ones, who will never be able to see their families because they died fighting for their community.

The majority of police officers work to seek justice and protect the innocent and weak. There are certainly cops who abuse their power from time to time, but we should focus on the thousands of cops who do their jobs with honor and the desire to “serve and protect.”

  1. Military Personnel

Military service is, without a doubt, among the most honorable professions. There is nothing like knowing your life could be on the line at any moment and still ready to show up at the border at any given time.

A military member may be away from his or her loved ones for months or even years. Many of us complain about not being able to watch our favorite shows, but there are soldiers missing the birth of a newborn or watching their toddler take his first steps. The armed forces make these sacrifices to promote a greater cause. In some cases, people sacrifice their lives for a cause greater than themselves, for liberty, for humanity, or for the defeat of evil.

  1. Parents

As a parent, you often are not even acknowledged as a job, so you are most underappreciated. Parenting is the most important job that any of us will ever have, and we must recognize that as a society, we need to keep the standard of parenting high.

Parenting today is challenging. Twenty years ago, there were fewer things to protect your children from. However, today, children have access to all the high-tech educational tools and a dangerous rabbit hole on the Internet. This blatant exposure has led children to disrespect and ridicule their parents without an ounce of guilt or shame. Most parents are hesitant to discipline them due to the fear of societal threats.

Right parenting demands too much sacrifice in today’s culture. Parents sacrifice their lives, time, and ego to give their children love, guidance and discipline. It is because they know that the future leaders and thinkers are rooted in the next generation.

In the end, parents are responsible for the actions of their children, no matter how much criticism they receive.  However, there are hundreds of parents who are good parents every day. Tell them how great they are doing and give them a break occasionally.

  1. Firefighters

Firefighters actually receive some recognition and respect for their work, unlike Police Officers. The attacks of 9/11 acted as a warning to all of us that firefighters run into danger while ordinary people would flee.

Often in the wildfire seasons, the fires can get pretty fierce in some states. These brave men and women who stand between the flames and their homes are responsible for saving thousands of homes, possessions, and sometimes even lives. There are no firefighting careers driven by money or glory; they are purely driven by the desire to save lives and livelihoods.

  1. Pilots

Did you ever thank your pilot after a flight for a job well done? The pilot of that plane literally had your life in his hands for the whole time you were on board.

The main requirement of the pilot’s job is to perform flawlessly in every situation. They have to be vigilant and always on their toes every second. Perhaps because of their intimidating persona, nobody even thinks to give a pat-on-the-back or even a high-five to these heroes at the end of a successful flight. Next time, see what happens when you thank your pilot. He may be getting his first one in twenty years of flying!

  1. Surgeons

As a result of the current controversy surrounding health care, many health care providers are being criticized for making an excess profit or charging too much. In all honesty, getting compensated for the expensive and tiresome academic journey should be your right.

The majority of surgeons are not drawn to medicine because it is a lucrative profession. They are in the field because they want to make a difference. Helping people and saving lives is what drives their careers.


In summary, you must realize that there are many professions available to choose from that have played a big role in society. The ones listed above are on the list because they do not receive enough recognition when they serve their communities. Every day they put their lives at stake for people who do not appreciate them enough, but now it’s high time. Any time you see one of the people on the list, don’t hesitate to extend a word of kindness.

Written by Frederick Jace

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