8 Reasons Why You Should Get Area Rugs

8 Reasons Why You Should Get Area Rugs

Rugs are popular in many homes, and homeowners have their reasons why they love floor mats. You can find them in living areas, bedrooms, dining rooms, or even in kitchens. Let’s find out why rugs are popular and why you should get them for your home.

1.   Rugs give warmth and comfort to your home.

Rugs, just like carpets, have an insulating benefit that can keep your hard floor warm and cozy during colder days. They also make your floor more comfortable to walk on as the fabric helps absorb the impact of your steps.

2.   Rugs add solace and intimacy.

Rugs can also help create a cozy and intimate space in your room. You can just imagine your sofa set floating on an area rug with your friends and family seated on the sofa and on the floor for a great bonding experience.

3.   Rugs make rooms quieter and calmer.

Rugs and floor mats have a noise reduction property that makes your room quieter. It absorbs the sound of your footsteps and other noise in the air, making it a perfect accessory to bedrooms.

4.   Rugs protect and cover your floor.

Area rugs are great accessories that can protect your floor from early damage. For example, high-traffic areas like the inside part of your sofa set, dining area, hallway, and around your bed can take advantage of your floor mat’s protection.

Rugs are also incredible for covering up floor parts due for repair or renovation. You can use an area rug to conceal floor storage access, too.

5.   Rugs are removable.

One great thing about rugs is that they are removable. Unlike carpets that are fixed on the floor, you can easily remove your mat anytime you want. This is a perfect choice if you like to change your style often. This also makes a practical choice when you are living in a temporary home.

Another wonderful thing about your floor mats being removable is that you can easily take them off if they need to be replaced or washed. Especially when there are stains and dirt you cannot remove yourself, you can easily take soiled rugs to your reliable washer.

6.   Rugs are machine washable.

In case you don’t know yet, many mats can be conveniently machine-washed without the need for professional laundry care. However, check the care instructions to be sure since some rug materials may not be suitable for machine wash.

7.   Rugs come in different styles.

Rugs and floor mats are available in different varieties. They come in different colors, patterns, materials, and sizes to give your room instant transformation. They allow you to show your own style and, at the same time, take advantage of its functionality. If you want to revamp your room, you can simply change your floor mat and style your space accordingly. You can choose a rug depending on the occasion, style, or color theme you want to establish.

8.   Rugs create an impact.

Because floor mats do not cover your entire floor, rugs can draw attention where it is placed. So if you want to create a focal point and impact in your room, you will never go wrong with a stylish rug.

While there are many advantages to having rugs in your home, there are also some drawbacks you need to be aware of. The good news, though, is that you can do something about these concerns.

Rugs and allergies

Rugs, carpets, and mats are known to collect dust, which can cause allergies. However, if you are keen on vacuuming and regularly cleaning your rug, you don’t have to worry about allergies. To others, rugs are even a good thing since they think that instead of the dust floating and getting recycled in the air, rugs collect them. It is just a matter of vacuuming regularly to eliminate dust in the rugs.

Hazards on rugs

When you have little children or seniors at home, you need to be careful with rugs. Rugs can be tripping and slipping hazards since they are not securely fixed on the floor.

To minimize slipping, you may want to get a non-slip rug pad. To avoid tripping, you may want to get a large rug instead of 2 or more smaller rugs. This setup gives fewer edges to look out for with children and the elderly in your home. You may also want to avoid rugs in walking areas like hallways and kitchens. Instead, keep them around inside furniture sets.

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