8 ways to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday

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Most women and girls love to celebrate their birthdays and get birthday gifts. Do you know what they love even more? Surprises from their partner, boyfriend, or husband! Yes, every woman loves little surprises, it makes them feel special and loved. No woman would say no to a surprise any day, but they would love it on their birthday. So, if you want her to have the best birthday, try giving her little surprises. Sure, throwing her a big birthday party is one way to amaze her, but we are talking about little things that you can do the entire day to make her birthday the happiest day of her life. Want some cool ideas? Keep reading then!

Spend quality time with her

The most special surprise you can give to your soulmate is to spend time with her. Your girlfriend/wife will truly appreciate this, and it would be the best way to celebrate her. Every day is full of many things. It can hamper the time you two get to spend together. So, take the day off and be with her the entire day. You can go and see a movie, talk, cook together before her actual birthday celebrations begin.

Give her special roses- everlasting rose

Waking up with the fragrance of fresh roses on her birthday will put a smile on her. We are pretty sure that your girl love roses, and a little surprise is to give her a small rose bouquet of everlasting roses. Everlasting roses use a unique technique to preserve the flower- its fragrance, texture and colour for a year or three. Giving her this surprise and she will cherish forever. Moreover, every time she sees the rose in her bedroom or living room, she will think of you.

Bake her a cake

Let her enjoy more than one cake on her birthday; this day comes once a year only. You may plan for a massive customised birthday cake for her birthday party or celebration. However, you can also bake a small cake of her favourite flavour and surprise her during the day. It may be challenging, but there are so many recipes and YouTube videos to guide you into making a good cake. It doesn’t have to be Masterchef level, something cute that will bring a smile to her face. If you’d like to know more about online costumes be sure to check out Blossom Costumes.

Plan a small day-trip for her and her friends

The whole day should be special to her. If you are having a big birthday bash at night, surprise her with a trip during the day.

The trip can be for you and her or her and her tribe. Maybe you can book a nice resort for her, where the girls can chill. Just find something that your girl and her tribe will love to do and make it happen.

Have a cool costume party

The biggest surprise for your girlfriend can be a theme birthday party. It can be a costume party where everyone looks colourful and exciting. Don’t tell her anything. Send her a box with her costume and ask her to wear it and get to the venue. Let her soak in the surprise when she sees everyone she loves in funky costumes, ready to sing happy birthday to her.

Propose her on her birthday

If you have been planning to propose to your girlfriend for the longest time, her birthday is the perfect opportunity. You can either do it at the party or have a private moment where you plan an exciting proposal for her. For instance, baking the cake and hiding the ring in the cake is one idea. Or you can get on your knees in front of everyone she knows and propose to her.

Favourite food for breakfast

Order in or cook all her favourite dishes and let her enjoy breakfast on her bed. She will love it, and her smile will be the best. Do try it once!

Say yes to her every command

Tell her that anything she says on her birthday, you will make it happen. It’s a yes day and her command is your wish.


Everyone should celebrate their birthday and experience the love and joy they bring to their family and friends. Make this more special for your girlfriend or wife with these beautiful and simple tips.

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