9 Best US Business Directories in 2021

9 Best US Business Directories in 2021

In the world of SEO, small businesses can enhance their brand awareness and build their clientele by using Business Listing Directories online. These directories offer you high-quality backlinks helping you achieve a greater ranking on search engines. These high-end listings help you achieve brand awareness in a short span of time.

If you are operating a US-based business or entity then getting listed on US directories will help you greatly in enhancing your sales and profits. You will get a greater presence online and listing on the SERP pages.

To help you shortlist business directories where you can submit your listing registration, we have compiled a list of the top 9 directories for you below.

The Top 9 Business Directories of 2021 in the United States

  1. Yelp

Yelp is the most famous local business directory in the United States. The site takes pride in being the top searched directory since 2012.

Clients can easily use Yelp to search for their required business in town. They can also write reviews, leave comments and provide a rating to any business. Moreover, clients and consumers will follow a business’s social media pages through Yelp listings as well.

On Yelp, you can enjoy the following free features for your business listing:

  • Engage with your clients publicly and privately as well,
  • View the number of people visiting your profile,
  • Submit photos and detailed information of your business for clients to view.
  1. Google Business Directory

Google, without a doubt, is the most used search engine all over the world. Google+ now includes places for business as well and is known as Google+ Local. Both of the terms are being used however, Google may decide to use one in the future. Honestly, if your business is not listed on Google+, it practically does not even exist.

  1. The Bing Local

Bing local powers all its business listings through Yelp, and since Yelp is the most widely used local directory, Bing Local has surfaced on the top in recent years. The content posted on Yelp gets featured in the local pages of Bing Local allowing consumers to avail themselves the maximum services around them.

  1. The Yahoo! Local

Yahoo offers free cost business listings on its directory allowing newly established businesses to avail following tools for free:

  • Submit their location, contact number, and domain name for their website,
  • Submit their listing in five categories,
  • List down their services, brands, and offers on products offer, etc.,

However, if you purchase the premium account for Yahoo! Local you can add a description for your businesses submit photos, and offer online coupons as well.

  1. The Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs is a news-based website that offers clients and consumers correct information regarding the business world to ease their decision regarding which service or business to hire.

The website also posts detailed reviews of businesses that are registered on the directory. The most widely used categories are home-related services, movers, solar, and other security companies.

  1. The Health Grades

Health Grades is another major USA business directory that you can get your medical and health-related business listed on. The directory takes pride in offering 3 million+ reviews on dental services, doctors, healthcare companies, and hospitals around town.

This credible directory offers patients with correct data on healthcare around them so that they can make a wise decision on which doctor or practitioner to hire.

  1. The Merchant Circle

Merchant Circle is another local USA business directory that offers services particularly to small-scale businesses in town.

It provides such business owners with free-of-cost tools to market and advertises their services including a free tool to increase their social media presence and engage with local clients. This directory allows clients to directly get in touch with the registered businesses via reviews and ratings.

  1. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages takes its name from the famous conventional yellow page phone directory. The site lists millions of businesses for local consumers to help them find a credible service.

Yellow Pages has a reach of 70 million clients per month. Every client who visits the website can view a business’s name, contact number, location, and other important details.

  1. Citylocal Pro

Citylocal pro is last but not the least in our list of top business directories of 2021. It is a directory that caters to all types of business niches in the United States. With citylocal pro you can stay rest assured that your business will instantly gain a boost in sales and productivity.

The people working behind the scenes at citylocal pro promises to deliver your business details to millions of users across the country ensuring you get a top ranking on search engines. Your business will experience a better SERP ranking.

Citylocal pro provides you an easy way to showcase your business, products, and services to a larger target audience in no time. All in all, getting listed here is a win-win situation for every type of business out there.

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