A Guide for Students on How to Memorize Large Amounts of Information?

A Guide for Students on How to Memorize Large Amounts of Information?

Do you have an important examination or a project presentation, and you just struggle to memorize all the necessary information? Don’t worry; it is a common issue for all students of the world, not just for you. In this article, we will give you tips to improve your skills of information memorizing. But be careful, if you follow all the tips, you might as well become the best student in your class!

Go From Generalities to Specifics

Our brain perceives the whole picture better than its separate components. Therefore, when learning new material, it is necessary to read the whole paragraph or a page to grasp the general concept and proceed to details – dates, events, personalities, and estimations.

Use Alternation Tactics

If you need to remember a huge amount of different information, try to alternate it. Are you preparing for exams in several subjects at once? It is best to divide the memorizing process into blocks, for example, 30 minutes and alternate material on psychology with tests, say, in physics. If you got too involved with the preparation for your exam and forgot to write an essay on time, you can use the paper writing service MasterPapers to meet the deadline.

Engage Visual Memory

Scientifically proven fact: our brain better absorbs information obtained through vision. Therefore, it is in your best interest to visualize the data. If you need to study any phenomenon – draw a diagram, learn words in a foreign language – make sketches for them.

Use the Techniques of Mnemonics

Associations are a more effective way to memorize than repetition. Therefore, it is worth using the techniques of mnemonics, rhyming, drawing parallels, and associating memorized data with already known information. For example, you need to remember the number 1879. Then, you break it down into two parts and make associations: 18 – I’m 18, 79 – 79 is my grandmother.

Be a Mentor to Another Student

The memorization process is more effective if you explain the information to someone: a fellow student or maybe even to yourself.

Use the Yellow Marker Method

Make notes or highlight the most important information in notebooks, printouts, books, and manuals. The “yellow marker” method is based on the fact that we are much better at memorizing data that stands out from others. This method is actively used at the Masterpapers service, where the writers highlight the most important points received from students relating to their essays.

Divide Information Into Smaller Parts

Don’t try to grasp the vast – even the world champions can’t remember the contents of three textbooks in a day. Instead, divide the information into blocks and ensure its dosed reception – organize step-by-step learning, which you will alternate with rest.

Increase Concentration

The effectiveness of the memorization process directly depends on the concentration of attention. If you are constantly distracted and unable to concentrate, make it a rule to train your attention daily. If you still feel like you lack concentration, for example, to write a business-related essay, we have already prepared the Review of The 4 Most Uprated Academic Writing Services – Business, which will help you complete the task.

Retell What You Have Learned

After studying the block of information, retell it. Better to real people, but you can do it to yourself. Try to speak as loudly as possible, with feeling and intonation. This will help to connect the emotional perception and memorize the material faster.

Add Impressions

This advice follows from the previous one: the more emotions you have about this or that information, the faster it is etched in your memory. That’s why you should try to remember a large amount of data in unusual ways and unusual places.

Increase Motivation

Motivation can affect concentration and inner discipline. You need to think about and clearly understand all the benefits of memorizing material. It is best to write them in a column on a piece of paper.

Alternate Between Study And Physical Activity

Clogging in four walls never brings the proper result. Instead, you need to alternate memorizing the material with physical activity – exercise no more than 2-3 hours in a row, then take a walk or exercise at home.

Avoid Overloading

Don’t overload yourself – you won’t even remember the amount of information that might remain in your head. If you need to prepare for the exam in a day – focus on the most important theses and save time on details. It is simply impossible to learn in 24 hours what you had to be learning for a whole semester.

To Sum Up

Memorizing stuff is never easy, especially if a final exam is lying ahead. However, now you have the tips that will help you make the remembering process easier and smoother. The desired result is in your hands!


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