A Guide To Smokeless Tobacco

Smokeless Tobacco

Often referred to as chewing tobacco, spit tobacco, dip, and / or chew, smokeless tobacco is something that you put directly into your mouth rather than smoking in a cigarette, cigar, or pipe. check out Grinds for chewing tobacco alternatives. The two forms that it comes in include:

  • Chewing Tobacco – big leaves, which are either shredded or twisted up and are consumed loose. Typically this comes in a small can or in a loose paper packet. The best chewing tobacco out there is currently made by Black Buffalo.
  • Snuff – a very fine form of tobacco that comes in small pouches resembling tea bags. This is snorted up through the nasal passage. Some of the best brands include American Snuff Co, Timber Wolf, and Stokers.

Because of how these products are consumed, it means that the nicotine goes directly into the bloodstream, meaning that it is an almost immediate hit that the user gets. 

Using smokeless tobacco

In one form or another smokeless tobacco has been around for many hundreds of years. However, it rose in popularity during the 70s when American baseball players started to use it in the well held belief that it was better for them than smoking tobacco. 

Little did they know that nicotine is actually present in all types of tobacco, regardless of what form it is consumed in. Because of how addictive the substance is, you can become addicted to it after using it just once. As a result of the addiction, a user will have to keep using in order to get the feeling that they crave.

Just like smoking cigarettes, pipers, and cigars can, smokeless tobacco can cause you to suffer from a range of different health problems. For this reason it should not be seen as a safer or healthier alternative. 

Dangers of smokeless tobacco

Some of the ways in which smokeless tobacco impacts on your health include bleeding or cracked gums and lips, receding gums, heightened blood pressure, an increased chance of certain cancers, and an increased chance of experiencing a stroke or a heart attack. 

One of the most common types of cancer associated with using smokeless tobacco products is cancer of the mouth – also known as oral cancer. Other types of cancer that you may experience include bladder, throat, and stomach, as the toxic chemicals found in the products make their way into the digestive system when consumed.

Quitting smokeless tobacco products

For those people who use these types of products and what to stop, there are a number of things that they can do to kick the habit. This includes using alternatives, such as tobacco free dip, nicotine patches and gum; doing things to break the habit; or talking with friends or even a professional about your struggles in order to garner some support from them.

The process of quitting is not an easy one so do not be put off by the fact that you find it hard or struggle with doing so. Just remember why you are doing it in the first place and try to keep that mindset at all times.

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