A to Z movies Details: Know why Berlin returned in Money Heist?

A to Z movies Details: Know why Berlin returned in Money Heist?

Berlin returned in Money Heist for two episodes that take place before the escape. The first one is Episode 11, when the professor realizes that Berlin has been following them around for a while already and calls on him to join the team. In this episode, he is more interested in the deal that Berlin is proposing than just staying with them. It shows that he wouldn’t mind leaving and going back to Berlin instead of continuing with the heist. In this episode, Berlin is more of a transitory character whose role is to make sure that they complete the heist before leaving them. Once they have accomplished their mission, Berlin leaves with them on a helicopter and goes with his crew + police captive on a bus instead of returning home. The professor, on the other hand, leaves them with a fully loaded helicopter to escape.

The return to Money Heist:

  • Their return in Money Heist is due to one of Berlin’s cases overlapping again with his. He uses this as an excuse to go back to Madrid, where they are after finishing their mission just before the Prof realized that everyone was getting cold feet about the idea of going back to Madrid. 
  • Money Heist could be a great movie and be on the best a to z movies list, but it is not. However, this doesn’t mean that Berlin’s return in the Money Heist was for nothing. He needed to find out why they were so scared of being caught in the prison before they managed to escape. He was intrigued with what happened in episode 3 when they failed to get out of the prison. 
  • This is why he went back to Madrid to find out what happened instead of just letting his captive get on the helicopter with everyone else without knowing why they were so scared.
  • They didn’t have a choice but to return to find out why the professor and his team were thinking of cancelling their mission in the middle of it and finding out what Thirteen was hiding from them. They had to go back to complete their task, steal over 2 billion euros, and accomplish their heist of the century. Berlin probably just went back to Madrid with his plans in mind, and that’s why we never knew what they were. 
  • We only got to know them after they had escaped from prison, but not without some setbacks such as getting caught by the police on their way out. For this reason, Berlin is the one who pushed them to go back and continue with their plan instead of abandoning it. He wouldn’t have done that if he hadn’t found out what was wrong or had any plans for himself concerning the professor’s team.

The Professor

  • All in all, Berlin returned to Money Heist to find out why the professor and his team were having cold feet about going back to Madrid for both heists to be successful. In addition, Berlin returned because he needed them to prove themselves to take them seriously, almost like a test of their skills before he would bother with them again.
  • It is probably why he took them to Switzerland in the first place to see how they would act when confronted with someone aware of their plans. If they had failed, Berlin probably wouldn’t have taken them seriously. However, this didn’t happen, and that’s why we saw him all along during Money Heist trying to convince everyone that there is no turning back. They would have to go through with it no matter what.
  • For all the above reasons, the professor returned in Money Heist for Berlin so that his previous failure wouldn’t seem like a waste of time and so that he could continue with their plans without getting any more cold feet than they already had. The lack of communication between everyone was a cloud of mystery that needed to be solved for both heists to succeed.
  • In addition, this makes them a great pairing because they both did things for their reasons and helped each other get what they wanted. However, their relationship started badly because the professor thought Berlin was nothing more than a thief who didn’t do anything significant.

In conclusion

Berlin’s return was significant so that the professor and his team could continue with their mission and also so that they could find out why everyone was scared of going back to Madrid. In addition, it is because Berlin wouldn’t have been able to take the professor and his team seriously if he hadn’t gotten an answer which is why we saw him in Money Heist trying to convince everyone that there was no turning back.

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