Access control trends in 2023: what every business needs to know

When it comes to ensuring safety in a given space, access control might not be the thing that comes to mind. However, it plays a role in creating a work environment. It refers to the management of permissions for entering areas or utilizing resources. Therefore, implementing an access control system is essential for instilling a sense of security among your employees while also safeguarding data. To keep you up, to date, we have compiled the access control trends for 2023!

  1. Biometrics takes stage

Companies will increasingly start embracing technologies as part of their access control systems. A biometric system utilizes fingerprints, but also facial recognition, or even iris scans to provide convenient and secure access for personnel and visitors. Say goodbye to the risks associated with hacked or forgotten passwords. 

  1. The Internet of Things (IoT)

Integrating devices into access control systems allows employees and visitors seamless entry to areas within an organization’s premises, both internally and externally. By using their smartphones, they can open doors, activate elevators or even access their computers without badges.

  1. Zero Trust Security 

Zero Trust Security is also gaining prominence, within the access control industry. We often rely on instances of verification; however, with Zero Trust security, continuous authentication and authorization become crucial for every interaction. This means that every user is monitored for threats regardless of where they’re, or how they use their devices. By doing this, we can reduce the risk of access.

  1. Access control and the role of Blockchain

Blockchain technology is another emerging trend that actually utilizes ledgers to provide a secure method of storing access data. By employing this technology, it becomes incredibly difficult for individuals with bad intent to tamper with data or to manipulate access rights. This technique adds a layer of trust and reliability to your security systems. 

  1. Enhanced security through advanced data analytics 

Now companies will also start to empower to leverage access control data in order to detect security vulnerabilities this year. This is all thanks to the progress made in data analytics technologies. Activated by utilizing machine learning algorithms to recognize certain patterns, but also user behaviors. 

In the coming years, there are prospects for businesses in the field of access control. The year 2023 offers an opportunity for companies to protect their operations by adopting strategies. Now is the moment to establish a more effective work environment for your business! 

Written by Frederick Jace

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