How to Store an Ageing Barrel

Do you have an ageing barrel you use to age whiskey, wine, or even beer? If so, you’re probably going to have it filled up with something going through the ageing process for the most part.

When you let, say, whiskey age for a long time, it’ll have more flavor once you finally bottle it. It’s why you won’t want to leave an ageing whiskey barrel empty for too long.

But there may be times when you’ll want to stick a whiskey barrel, a wine barrel, or a beer barrel into storage. You’ll need to know how to do barrel storage correctly.

Here is a guide on how to store an ageing barrel.

Obtain an Ageing Barrel Cleaning Kit

Prior to placing an ageing barrel into storage, you’ll need to clean it out. To do this, you’ll have to get your hands on a barrel cleaning kit.

This kit will contain everything you’ll need to clean and neutralize the inside of an ageing barrel so that you can store it. It’ll also have special storage tablets in it that you can use for the next step.

Put Storage Tablets and Water Into an Ageing Barrel

Once you have an ageing barrel cleaned and neutralized, the next thing you’ll want to do is fill it up with storage tablets and water. These storage tablets will keep a barrel safe when you aren’t using it.

You will, however, need to get into the habit of emptying a barrel in storage about once every month. You’ll have to refill it with new storage tablets and fresh water.

Place an Ageing Barrel in a Temperature-Controlled Area

When an ageing barrel is put into storage, you don’t want it to be stored in a place that’s too hot or too cold. This could ruin the barrel for good. You’ll need to look for barrels for sale to replace it.

Rather than putting a barrel in a place where it’s going to be exposed to extreme temperatures, you’ll want to find a temperature-controlled area for it. You’ll also want to make it a point to check on your barrel every so often to make sure it’s in good shape.

By taking each of these steps, you should be able to keep a barrel protected until you need to use it again.

Be Sure to Store an Ageing Barrel Properly

When you need to store an ageing barrel, you might be tempted to simply toss it into a dark corner until the next time you need it. But you’ll be asking for trouble if you do this.

If you don’t store a barrel right, it might dry out on you and be unusable. And while you can always buy a new barrel later, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can keep using the same one over and over again by taking good care of it.

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