All You Need to Know About CTRM/ETRM

All You Need to Know About CTRM/ETRM

As a commodity business owner, you’re certainly aware how challenging it may be to keep up with constantly changing regulations, minimize risks of potential mishaps, manage increased price volatility, stay in the industry despite lower margins and provide necessary support to your customers and employees. Fortunately, CTRM and ETRM services can help you effectively face all the abovementioned issues.

CTRM/ETRM – What is it?

CTRM stands for Commodity Trading and Risk Management. Such software solutions are supposed to support and facilitate the process of managing risks related to commodities or budget overrun. On the other hand, ETRM means Energy Trade and Risk Management and involves software categories, architecture, applications and tools that focus on facilitating energy and commodity trading processes related to natural gas, power, metals, plastics and oil derivatives.

CTRM and ETRM services are aimed at scheduling and supervising logistics of commodity companies. Thanks to them, your enterprise can efficiently plan, monitor, track and account for items transported from the source to various points of usage.

ETRM and CTRM software is dedicated for merchants and traders wishing to effectively track their inventories, aggregate costs and manage all trading activities with the use of one intuitive platform.

CTRM and ETRM solutions offered by Enuit

Thanks to Entrade developed by Enuit, you, as a business owner, will be able to effortlessly face all the challenges, guarantee that investments bring noteworthy profits, monitor your cash flow in an incredibly precise way or provide your customers and employees with outstanding services.

Our versatile, comprehensive platform and centralized CTRM solution will meet the requirements of even the most demanding users. Regardless of the size of your company, you can benefit from the support and functionalities offered by our front (position management, deal capture), middle (risk exposure reports) and back (accounting functionalities, settlements) offices.

Forget about risks and take advantage of the efficient, highly competitive, superior and configurable services created thanks to our profound industry expertise, impressive technical capabilities and support of the finest developers, business analysts or project managers.

With the reputation built over 10 years of operating in the market and offices located in the most important areas in the world, Enuit is able to provide reliable and top notch support services that make it easier to value, schedule, invoice, tax, hedge and analyze transactions. This professional solution offers numerous functionalities that can help you manage the company and face everyday challenges.

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