Alternative Cancer Treatment: Can It Help?

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Once you’re diagnosed with cancer, you’d want to try almost anything that might treat your condition. It’s not surprising why many people turn to alternative cancer treatment.

Just the mere diagnosis of cancer can make you feel overwhelmed and hopeless. Most types of cancers are associated with untoward signs and symptoms. Further aggravating your well-being, conventional cancer treatments may make you feel as if you have no control over your health. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery can have debilitating adverse effects. Standard cancer treatments also come with stringent regimens and schedules that you need to follow. With all of these health effects, it seems you don’t control your life.

Many cancer patients consider alternative medicine to help fight cancer and regain life.

How Does Alternative Cancer Treatment Help?

The benefits of cancer treatment vary depending on the type of therapy. There are alternative cures that do not directly treat your cancer but minimize or slow down its signs and symptoms. Other cancer treatments help your body manage the effects of conventional cancer treatment. These therapies may also help lessen cancer signs and symptoms such as stress, pain, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, poor appetite, and nausea and vomiting.

However, there are also alternative cancer treatments that provide a holistic approach. Members of the Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Association emphasized that cancer should be treated as if the whole body is diseased and not just a certain body part. It views cancer as a confluence of physical disorders and psychological conditions — and not only confined to an organ or system. Although drugs and surgery seem like the only options, they may not be the best in your case. The integrative approach looks at each patient as an individual with unique medical needs. It not only treats the symptoms but also builds the patients’ well-being. It often combines conventional medical treatment and complementary therapies.

Some examples of complementary therapies used alongside alternative medicine include:

  • Mind-body therapies. Your mental state can impact your health. Guided imagery, hypnosis, yoga, and meditation can help alleviate stress, provide relaxation, and reduce pain. These treatments ease the effects of chemotherapy.
  • Nutrition care. People with cancer often experience nutrition problems either due to the disease process or the cancer treatments. Working with a registered dietitian can help ensure the proper nutrition that your body needs in its fight against cancer.
  • Exercise. Gentle physical activity can help relieve fatigue and stress, and also ensure better sleep patterns. A regular exercise program strengthens muscles and promotes proper breathing. Maintaining an active lifestyle has been shown to help people with cancer live longer.
  • Acupuncture. An ancient healing technique where a trained therapist inserts very fine needles to specific pressure points. For patients receiving radiation therapy for neck or head cancers, acupuncture can help manage dry mouth.

What Can Alternative Cancer Treatment Do For You?

The majority of cancer patients opt to use treatment outside of conventional medicine. According to specialists at Euromed Foundation, Alternative Cancer Treatment Center in Arizona, a holistic approach can be used for different types of cancer.

In alternative medicine, it emphasizes the vital role that the immune system in cancer cure. Thus, complementary therapies help strengthen the immune system which enables it to fight cancer and foster healing. Instead of introducing synthetic chemicals or chemo drugs that specifically target the cancerous cells, it focuses on boosting the body’s natural ability to respond and fight cancer cells.

Comprehensive cancer treatment is tailored specifically to meet individual patient needs. It is supervised by a qualified medical professional and monitored by experienced staff.

Alternative cancer treatment empowers patients to understand their condition completely which is essential in ensuring complete healing. When you are aware of the disease process, you can make better decisions and participate fully in the treatment regimen.


If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and undergoing mainstream medical treatment, you may want to consider integrating alternative cancer treatments with your existing therapy. Alternative cancer cure may help relieve your symptoms as well as the side effects of its treatment.

Patients have the right to decide about the medical care they receive. Feel free to discuss your options with your healthcare provider and together you can come up with strategies that will help alleviate and treat your condition. Every patient goes through experience, so it is important to work closely with your doctor to determine cancer treatments that will work best for you.

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