Another Successful Tweet from Elon Musk! Bitcoin Soars as Tesla Tells Its Plans

Another Successful Tweet from Elon Musk! Bitcoin Soars as Tesla Tells Its Plans

Elon Musk has done it once again! The price of bitcoin soared over $39,000 after Tesla motors top executive said that the auto industry would restart digital currencies. Musk responded to a story under which the famous CEO is accused of “trying to manipulate the Price of bitcoin” by stating that Tesla would restart trades with the bitcoin after mining was conducted using more renewable and clean energy sources.

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After Sygnia’s managing director accused Musk of “attempting to manipulate bitcoin pricing,” Elon Musk responded with a Twitter post: “When there is evidence of acceptable (50 percent) green power use by miners with a bright future direction, Tesla will restart enabling Bitcoins.”

Tesla’s CEO also said the company sold roughly 10% of its assets to demonstrate that bitcoin could’ve been unloaded quickly and without affecting the market. After the announcement of Tesla’s long-term plans, Bitcoin gained almost 10% in a single day through $39,021.54 on the Gauge at 0800 hours IST, mainly on Tuesday. It was the most significant share increase in a single day until June 9.

Bitcoin’s value dropped on Thursday afternoon after Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote a post implying that he had lost interest in the world’s most valuable commodity. The wealthy Tesla CEO shared a meme depicting a couple getting divorced over through the previous partner, which included lyrics from Linkin Park. He also had the hashtags #Bitcoin and also a symbol of a shattered heart. After Center CEO Jack Thompson tweeted on Thursday afternoon that the payment systems firm is contemplating developing a cryptocurrency bitcoin address, the currency saw a slight recovery, but it still ended up throughout the negative, according to Bloomberg. Since about 4:03 p.m. ET on Friday, bitcoin has fallen by 4.3 percent to $36,925.74, per the statistics from Bitcoin Measurements.

With over 55 million daily users, the superstar CEO can send shockwaves across the market whenever he tweets anything regarding bitcoin. “Millions of individual users were putting their faith in their cryptocurrency profits to better their financial situation. Of course, they assumed the risk because once they made their investment, everyone is aware that cryptocurrency is subject to fluctuation, but your twitter messages this week demonstrate a total disrespect for the average middle class human “Last week, the hacktivist collective dubbed “Confidentially” gave notice to Musk. Musk responded to the warning by posting a meme. “Not even a decent spoof secret will do. Because the article is hidden in behind barrier, and it seems that Wikileaks’ hacking abilities are insufficient to get access to it, “He shared his thoughts on Twitter, together with a joke.

About Latest Currency

Musk’s latest remarks on Dogecoin sparked a rise in the virtual currency, which began out as a Twitter and Facebook spoof of the cryptocurrency. However, as per, Dogecoin rose, becoming the sixth-largest digital currency in the New York stock exchange.

On the other hand, Twitter doesn’t take Musk’s alleged “management” of the crypto community kindly. Since last month, a novel meme currency known as $STOPELON has developed in response to Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s exploitation of the digital currency. “Elon Musk has become well-known for his irresponsible manipulation of the bitcoin market via his Twitter handle. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has announced that the company would no longer accept Cryptocurrency payments, creating an immediate and widespread panic across the world. Anyone with a little sliver of ability to think critically may see right through his deception. He has indeed been attempting to pump cryptocurrency for a long time, blogging about it nonstop and even appearing on Saturday Live as a last option in order to encourage Dogecoin to rise in value! It’s just absurd!” According to the online webpage of $STOPELON.

Bitcoin market participants, however, have voiced their dissatisfaction with Musk’s comments, which have a significant effect on cryptocurrencies’ values regularly. Elon Musk still is considered a great influencer when it comes to crypto because of his interest in the field. Before we end, if you want to know about all the, then you need to register yourself on the Bitcoin World Capital Website.

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