Are sofas for sale with quick delivery a myth?

Are sofas for sale with quick delivery a myth

It often seems as though everything is being purchased online these days. Even though most people would never have considered a large online retail purchase like furniture in the past, doing so now is becoming very commonplace. The trend toward online shopping is not new, but the pandemic has caused it to surge at a much faster rate than anticipated.

In a world where anyone can now buy a new or used car completely online and have it delivered to your door, getting furniture online for delivery doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Small furniture like end tables and shelves have been available for years, and the newly popular mattress in a box has been surging for a few years now as specialty mattresses without physical locations have taken a share of the market.

Now you can buy any furniture online for any room in your home. Getting a sofa online is the best way to get it cheap, and you can usually get even more deals when you buy additional pieces from the collection, like an accent chair or storage ottoman. There could be several savings opportunities on online furniture retail sites so that you are able to compare and find the one that works best for you.

There are two primary things to keep in mind when you are looking for a new sofa – finding a sofa on sale with quick delivery in the US that may be discounted when meeting specific purchase criteria.

The best times to find sofas on sale

There are several American retail holidays that are honored on ecommerce websites regardless of location in order to effectively compete. As such, almost anyone in the world can order furniture online during these times and get the best deals. Of course, not all retail holidays or sale events are best for buying a sofa. Here are the sale events you should look for, both online and in your local furniture store.

  • January – New furniture collections are released in January and February, and furniture stores need to discount their current offerings to make room for the new merchandise.
  • May – Memorial Day weekend is a huge retail holiday for any sector.
  • June – Not all retailers honor holidays like Father’s Day, but furniture stores usually have sales that make it easy to show your appreciation for items that dad loves like reclining sofas and accent chairs.
  • July – Again new furniture collections are released for the summer and fall around June or July. This is another prime time to get high-quality furnishings at clearance prices.
  • August – Back-to-school time is big for most retailers, including those selling living room furniture. Even if your child goes off to college, they may need a sofa or other leisurely seating for shared common rooms.
  • September – Labor Day weekend is another holiday that you can almost guarantee retail stores of all types honor with a sale event

All of these options have either free or fast delivery available, and sometimes you might even get lucky enough to get both. Online furniture stores, like other ecommerce retailers, offer free delivery when a purchase meets certain requirements. If you need the furniture right away, you may be able to pay an additional fee for rush delivery service.

Written by Enaa Mari

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