Average Teeth Cleaning Price in Australia: Tips for Saving on Dental Services

When was the last time you had your teeth cleaned? If it’s been a few months or years, then now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment!

Most people neglect their teeth until they need major dental work done.  You can save money by getting teeth cleanings on a regular basis and scheduling check-ups when necessary.

In this article, we will discuss the average teeth cleaning price in Australia, the costs of other dental services, and ways on how to save on such treatments.

How Much Does Tooth Cleaning Cost in Australia

Generally speaking, the price of teeth cleaning in Australia depends on various factors.

Most teeth cleanings cost around $150.  This is a standard price for such services, but it can depend on the location and the clinic where you go to get your teeth cleaned.

There are clinics that charge as little as $20 while others may charge up to $180 or more depending on the dental procedure needed. For example, a tartar removal cost can be higher, as there will be an additional fee that will be required from you to cover the extra work done by the hygienist.

How Much Do Other Dental Services Cost  

Aside from teeth cleaning costs, it is also important to know how much does a tooth extraction cost and that of other dental services.

To give you a general idea, it can run from $200 for teeth whitening to $4,000 for dental implants.

Again, the prices will vary depending on what’s needed. By being proactive and scheduling regular teeth cleanings, you’ll be able to avoid more expensive procedures in the future.

But to know exactly how much to remove a tooth or get the dental treatment that you need, it is always best to ask the clinic that you are going to.

How Can You Save on Dental Services

There are several ways to afford the teeth cleaning price and save on other dental services in Australia. Some of which are the following.

Package Deals

The best way to save money on dental services is to find a clinic or dentist who offers a package deal. Many clinics offer discounts for certain treatments. You can also ask about family rates if you’re going to get your teeth cleaned with someone else in your family.

Payment Plans

Some clinics also offer payment plans for teeth cleaning services. This is ideal if you’re on a tight budget, but still want to get your teeth cleaned regularly. Payment plans are usually available in several months or years depending on the agreement that’s made between you and the dentist.

Loyalty Programmes

A lot of clinics also have loyalty programmes that offer discounts for subsequent treatments. If you’re someone who goes for teeth cleanings every six months or so, then it’s worth signing up for such programmes to save money in the long run.


Another way to save money on teeth cleanings and other dental services is by purchasing insurance. Many people are enrolled in their company’s dental benefits programmes, which cover teeth cleaning up to a certain amount every year.

If you don’t have an insurance plan yet, then now is the best time to start looking for one!

Dental Schools

You can also get teeth cleanings and other dental services at a local college or university that offers free teeth cleanings. Look online or ask around your community if there’s any school nearby offering such services.

Research Associations

There are also many dental research associations that offer discounted teeth cleaning services. Do a quick online search to see if there’s one in your area where you can volunteer as a patient.


Getting your teeth cleaned on a regular basis is important if you want to maintain good oral health, and saving on the teeth cleaning price can be easy if you know where to look. By following the tips in this article, you can save on dental services and keep your teeth healthy and sparkling.

Of course, you should compare prices online before making an appointment. There are many websites that offer price comparisons for teeth cleanings and other dental services. Get your teeth cleaned today and enjoy healthy teeth and gums for years to come.

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