Benefits of Movable Walls in Offices

When it comes to movable walls, the first thing people think of is schools and public buildings, but they’re handy to have in office spaces – small or large – to divide up rooms and create meeting spaces.

They’re adaptable, easy to use and give you the chance to make the most of the space you’ve got.

Keep reading to learn more about movable walls, including the top five reasons why you should invest in one for your office.

You can create a disability-friendly environment

Movable walls have no floor track, making them suitable for wheelchair users. The panels run along the ceiling track on ball-bearing trollies, so there is nothing on the floor that can make life a bit more difficult for those in wheelchairs or with mobility impairments.

This all creates a more inclusive office and makes sure no one feels left out in client and group meetings because of physical barriers.

They’re robust

In an office, it’s not just staff that utilise the space – clients, customers and investors can be in and out during the day, especially during busy periods.

If this sounds like your office, it’s a good idea to invest in movable walls. They’re highly durable and guaranteed to last, taking you from meeting to meeting with ease.

Movable walls are soundproof

It’s not always possible to have separate meeting rooms in an office that won’t be disturbed by other meetings or staff making their way around the space.

With movable walls, you can create smaller spaces to use as breakout areas without having to worry about being disturbed mid-way through an important task.

Having minimal noise in a work environment encourages productivity – using acoustic movable walls limits the amount of sound transfer in an office, making a much calmer area for people to work in, without having to commit to having an internal wall built.

You can rely on them

Movable walls are one of the most reliable investments you can make when it comes to your office. They are famous for being long-lasting, durable and flexible, so after you get one fitted, you don’t have to worry about its performance.

Movable walls are customisable

One of the main benefits of a movable wall is how you can cater them to your preferences.

Choose a more minimal design with traditional features and finishes to make sure your office never goes out of style. Alternatively, you could choose bright and contrasting colours that represent your company to make more of a feature area in the office.

Get your movable walls today!

When you’re on the hunt for movable walls, it’s important you go to a high-quality and trusted provider. This ensures your walls last and can withstand even the heaviest of use.

AEG Partitions are experts in movable walls. They provide sliding walls, concertina walls and sliding folding partitions to a range of companies in multiple sectors, including education and hospitality.

If you have any questions about movable walls and what they can do for your office, give them a call today on 0151 318 3356.

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