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In the earlier days, people used to go to the land based casinos for playing casino games. The entire situation changed with the advent of the Internet. People started playing casinos and video games from the comfort of their home on their personal computer. The situation further changed with the advent of the Smartphone in the market. Young people enjoyed playing video and casino games on their Smartphone. As the use of Smartphone spread widely the popularity of the casino and video games started increasing by leaps and bounds. Within a few years, the revenue of the online gaming industry w touched a few billion dollars.

Keeping with the trend, many online gaming websites came into the market with a view of getting more players and doing business. In fact, many land based casinos also opened their websites in order to keep their customers with them.

Many popular games like Roulette are being played regularly on Smartphone. But if you are a newcomer, you must be careful about choosing the right website as not all of the online websites are genuine and many have a bad reputation of running away with the players’ money. Hence before joining a website, you must read a few reviews about the site and then take a final decision on which site to join. Otherwise, you may lose your entire money in the process.

As the popularity of video games is increasing, many health and social benefits are also being observed in the process. Let us discuss it one by one.

While some people may think that playing video games on  a regular basis may make a person lazy intellectually, other studies have found the reverse. They increase cognitive skills to a great extent like reasoning, spatial navigation, sharpening of perception and memory. This conception is further true for specially shooter games. Experts are of the opinion that video games which are shooter based help to improve the capacity of the players to view objects in three dimensional angles.

All these factors have critical implications on the career and education of a child in the future. For example, the power of spatial skills is very much needed for achieving in matters of technology, engineering, science and mathematics. Nowadays most of the students go for studying engineering and science background. So if they start playing video games from an early stage, it will have a great impact on their future education. They will excel well in their studies in the science background if they start playing video games from a very early stage. Continuous playing of shooter video games helps the kids to get their brains mapped according to the needs of academic education related to mathematics, education and science.

But this process of development in thinking does not arise in other types of games like role playing games or puzzle games. So if any kid wants to pursue his career in the field of mathematics or engineering, he or she may focus on playing video shooter games from an early age.

Another very important aspect of playing video games is that it helps to develop problem solving abilities in children. There are strategic video games available in the market and you should encourage your kids to play them regularly. These types of games include role playing games as they need a lot of strategy for winning. Once a kid starts winning such games with a lot of strategy his problem solving power increases to a great extent. It has been observed that kids with a regular playing habit of such games are improving in their grade score every year and doing well every year. Actually, these types of games help a lot in increasing the problem solving ability of a kid. The more exposure the kid has in such games, his problem solving power will improve by leaps and bounds every year. So, from a very young age, it is very crucial to select the right type of video games suitable to your career.

Simple games like “Angry Birds” are quite popular among players as they are easy to access and can be played whenever the player has some free time. It drastically improves players’ moods and promotes relaxation. It is noticed games which can be played quickly have immense effect to ward off anxiety. That’s why playing video games are being considered to render emotional benefits by making people happier without having to do any significant changes in their life.

Increase of anxiety is a major problem among children these days and it is also one of the reasons for the increase of juvenile diabetes among the kids these days. The researchers also pointed out the probability that video games can be extremely helpful to learn resilience when going through some trauma or failure. When you play video games and fail to reach the desired goal repeatedly you will automatically build emotional resilience that will help you to deal with everyday difficulties in life more sportingly. You will also feel better when you find that your anxiety is getting lowered with every passing day.

Another stereotype perspective the research challenges is that video games make the gamers socially isolated. In reality, over 70 percent of gamers prefer to play with a friend, and millions of gamers across the world participate in multiplayer games like “Farmville” and “World of Warcraft”. Multiplayer games has become virtual social communities, where players can make quick decisions about whom they can trust or reject and how they can lead a group, which improves their social skills. It is observed that some people who are generally violent in nature, while start playing video games that encourage cooperation often tend to be helpful to others than those who play the same games competitively. Loneliness is becoming a serious disease these days and millions of kids are suffering from it all over the world. Once the kids develop a community or society of their own through the world of their video games, their loneliness is found to get lowered to a great extent.

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