Benefits of Using Raised Plant Boxes

What is a Raised Plant Box

In its most basic sense, raised planter boxes are garden beds built up rather than down into an elevated posture that is ideal for addressing various gardening issues. Alternatively, you can use boxes to confine and contain garden soil instead of simply dumping dirt on top of each other. It is common to refer to garden boxes as raised beds because they virtually always require the installation of a retaining wall or other material to maintain the integrity of the bed. Despite the vast open spaces that characterize Australia, many Aussie gardeners prefer to use a plant box the following details why.

Raised Planter Box Benefits

  • A raised garden bed is a means to make gardening as easy as possible—the “no labour” variety. Raised beds are typically maintained by adding new materials to the existing soil rather than tilling it up, adding fertilizer and additives for better results.
  • Weeding a large garden regularly may surprise you with how much back and knee strain it may cause. Using a raised planter box, especially one at least 12 inches tall, can relieve back and joint pain. Even young individuals considering a career in farming should be aware of the dangers of hand weeding in organic agriculture. Consider raising your bed to be an investment in your well-being. “
  • Having a more excellent bed may seem like a waste of time, yet it serves a valuable purpose. A raised garden bed may be necessary for the city, especially if you’re trying to grow vegetables in your front yard. In addition, to make maintaining the walkway easier, raised beds have a distinct line that separates the bed from the path.
  • There are tall sides on raised garden boxes that slow down and stop slugs in their tracks. People say that if you put copper flashing around your box, slugs won’t be able to get through. Also, you can put hardware cloth on the bottom of the box to keep groundhogs from stealing root crops. And because dogs are tall, they are less likely to urinate on your plants because they can’t reach them. Make your bed with deer fencing, or buy a box with a built-in deer fence to keep the deer out. Plastic hoops are also much easier to add to raised garden beds to make bird barriers, cold frames, or row covers, as well as to make them easier to move.
  • People who live in areas with a lot of rain might not grow crops all year if they don’t have raised garden beds. 11 inches is the most common depth for a raised garden bed. This is one inch lower than the sides of a 12-inch high garden box and is the most common height. For most crops, this is enough drainage, and it gives plants almost a foot of extra space above wet ground. When there is a lot of rain, raised beds tend to drain better.

Raised plant boxes are an easy way to start gardening because they remove many barriers for new gardeners. They may cost a little more upfront, but they guarantee a productive harvest in many ways.

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