Best Affordable Cars For First-Time Buyers

Best Affordable Cars For First-Time Buyers

Congratulations on getting to the milestone where you are considering buying a car. It must feel rewarding to be able to now join the many South Africans that travel conveniently with their own cars as we all know public transport isn’t always as reliable as it comes across. In this article, we will take a look at a few cars you should look into when considering your first car purchase.

Young Professionals

If you just started your career and are needing to be mobile for work and personal reasons, then there are some cars you can look at that are easier on your budget and manageable for people on the same path as you. Even if you are a social media influencer who is at the peak of your career needing to move around and make it to different gigs, these cars are perfect for you too:

  • Datsun GO:Averaging at 7,07 L/100 km, Datsun Go makes a massive difference to someone starting out into the car driving experience, as well as someone who is used to German cars. It’s a small make car meaning it can easily zip through some traffic, but when you simply cannot escape the busy Mzansi traffic, the 1,2 Litre cylinder makes it slightly more bearable to sit through traffic.
  • Ford Fiesta:As a car that has consistently evolved beautifully globally for over 25 years, it has not disappointed over the years. You should consider a Ford Fiesta if you have the financial ability to buy and maintain it, as it is a good return on investment. It is also great for families, and we will talk more about the type of car for them later.
  • Renault Kwid:Besides it being one of the most affordable cars for first-time drivers, the Renault Kwid is compatible and easy to drive, saves on fuel, and has enough storage for long trips when you need it to.

Family Matters

If you are part of a family and need something that is going to cater to all your needs while still showcasing your personality, then the legendary Ford Fiesta is perfect for you. Not only does this car (like most cars) evolve with different years, the Fiesta has managed to keep its name at the tip of most people’s tongues. Why? Well, it might be because of the following features (based on whatever version):

  • Comfort:Not just to drive, but lifestyle-wise too. The Fiesta is a car for most people. Whether a family-oriented entrepreneur or a young single professional, this car is the car that understands your needs. Ensure that you familiarise yourself with different versions of every car in order to pick the perfect one for you.
  • Affordability: The Ford Fiesta is a middle-class citizen’s best friend. It is affordable to buy and maintain, and with an average 0-litre three-cylinder turbo EcoBoost engine, you are able to manage the cost of a Fiesta if you budget right.
  • Easy Maintenance:Because it is a car that is usually in demand, it is not too hard to find mechanics that can fix your Fiesta on those unexpected bad days.

Another family car that has remained timeless and can easily be dubbed the survivor of the e-hailing stereotype is definitely the Toyota Corolla. Their latest models’ engines are a representation of how much the Toyota brand wants to grow. For example, the 2-litre engine used in the flagship XR models (either a 6-speed manual or 10-speed CVT) is both more powerful and more fuel efficient than its predecessor, using just 6.0L/100km and 6.5L/100km for the CVT and manual versions respectively. In contrast, the 1.8-litre XS model has a peak power of 104kW and 171Nm, making it a brisk performer that uses a very credible 6.2-litres of petrol every 100km.

First Entrepreneurial Gig

If you are the more ‘unconventional’ first-time employee and are more a new and budding entrepreneur, fear not. There are vehicles that are perfect for you too. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Nissan NP200:A gusty unit that does the vehicle justice with good torque low down in the rev range, enough space for a start-up, great fuel consumption, as well as solid and easily accessible mechanics and mechanical ser
  • Volkswagen Amarok:More than anything, the Amarok is a force to be reckoned with. It is also a safe car that not only allows an entrepreneur to live their best business life but is also great for young professionals, people looking to help others, movers, etc.

Financial Services Providers Have Your Back

If you are worried about securing the right amount of finances for your car purchase, financial services providers are there to help through vehicle or graduate finance. Graduate or vehicle finance providers offer you money you’ll be able to pay within the agreed-upon time so that you do not find yourself drowning in debt. You will pay your graduate or vehicle finance through monthly instalments for the duration of the contract till you’ve fully paid the amount you’ve loaned. Consider applying for vehicle or graduate finance and use repayment calculators to see how much you will be expected to pay.

Final Thoughts

Think about the type of journeys you will need to take regularly with your car. Are you going to be driving long distances at some point? Are you using it for business? Is your car going to be your daily transport to and from work? Whatever the career milestone you are currently on, you can get the car that will take you to better levels in your career and life. See you on the road.

Written by Enaa Mari

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